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English Language Department Faculty

Full-time faculty

  • Kazuyo Kuroyanagi, Professor
    • English b, d
    • 翻訳演習, s-course
  • Patrick Foss, Associate Professor
    • English a, b, c, d
    • Topics in the News, Spring s-course
    • Discussions on Human Behavior, Fall s-course
  • Keiko Inokuma, Associate Professor
    • English b, d
    • イギリス文学講読, s-course
  • Jeanette Dennisson, Associate Professor
    • English a, c
    • Essentials in Molecular and Celluar Biology、Spring s-course
    • Essentials for Medical Language, Summer intensive s-course

Part-time faculty

  • Jon Corliss
    • English a, c
  • Miya Marutsuka
    • English a, c
  • Hiroto Noguchi
    • English a, b, c, d
  • Jesse Reed
    • English a, b, c, d
  • Chris Litten
    • English a, b, c, d
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