Welcome to the home page of Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University.

Director<br />
Hiroshi Nishina

The Medical Research Institute of Tokyo Medical and Dental University is focusing to tackle the issues in medical science with a hope to understand the basic mechanism of pathogenesis of intractable diseases and further develop measures to diagnose and treat the patients. These disorders include ones such as cancer, cardiovascular, neurological, loco-motor, metabolic, immunological diseases. We are now further expanding our research to stem cell research that would provide more basic insight of differentiation as well as novel therapeutic approaches of intractable diseases.

To reach our goal, we employ the state-of-the- art science of molecular biology from the molecular to cellular, and model animal techniques as well as clinical patients. These approaches should clarify the cellular and molecular mechanisms operating in the life of basic organism and human. We are now accumulating a lot of resources of intractable diseases of clinical and experimental materials.

The institute also plays important role in educating medical and dental students, graduate students, and also young researchers, who have diverse background from medical, dental, biology, and pharmacology. The number of young investigators in our institute has increased significantly and our educational system has been attracting attention of the medical science society.

We have established many scientific ties with a number of overseas universities and institutions such as Harvard University to perform international collaborations and to accept many visitors worldwide. International symposiums and seminars have also been constantly held to provide cutting edge knowledge in medical science.

We, as Medical Research Institute, are welcoming everyone who is interested in joining us in our endeavor to seek for the new clues to cure patients with intractable diseases by unraveling the great mystery of diseases and nature.