Research outline

Researches on Interdisciplinary area of bio-MEMS, bio-optics, bio-electronics and bioinformatics have being conducted by using methods of biotechnology and information technology

  1. Soft contact-lens biosensor
    Based on advanced polymer microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) techniques, a soft contact-lens biosensor have been developed . The biosensor provides novel biomonitoring such as glucose monitoring in tear fluids.
  2. Biological odor measurement and smell communication
    High selective gas-sensors - “Bio-sniffers” – have been constructed with molecular recognition of enzyme in human liver. Potential applications of the bio-sniffer and –nose includes halitosis analysis, breath alcohol & aldehyde measurement, environmental VOC monitoring, etc.
  3. Spatiotemporal gas visualization system for imaging of ‘odor’ information
    A visualization system for spatial distribution of volatile chemicals have been developed. The visualization system is expected to be used in future medical screening or dental health.
  4. ‘Organic engine’ based on chemo-mechanical energy conversion
    A novel chemo-mechanical energy conversion system (organic engine) that utilizes enzyme reactions and active transport of chemicals have been constructed. Biomedical applications (chemical pumps, drug release systems, etc.) are also investigated.
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