Intermediary between medicine and engineering: Metals
The metal materials are superior in the durability and reliability, and they occupy 80% of implant materials in the human body.

Metallic biomaterials play an important roll as medical devices. Our laboratory mainly deals with effects of crystal structure, process, and thermal treatment on mechanical properties (e.g. strength or toughness). We also focus on structure and property of nanometer-scaled surface phenomena: Formation of living tissue on metals, especially, reactions between biomolecules or cells and metals, changes in surface oxide layers in living tissues, and electrochemical property of metallic biomaterials. Current research topics are as follows:

  1. Bio-functionalization of metals with electrochemical surface modification
  2. Development of novel alloys and porous composites for biomedical applications
  3. Development of Zr-based alloys for minimizing MRI artifacts
  4. Effort to minimalize metal allergy