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A. Kishida Prof
T. Kimura Assist Prof
Y. Hashimoto Assist Prof
N. Nakamura Research Associate

Endowed Research Division (Acellular Tissue and Regenerative Medical Material)

S. Funamoto Associate Prof
A. Yamashita Senior Assistant Prof

Research Theme

  1. Regenerative medicine using decellularized biological tissue
    Decellularization is an attractive technique for preparing a scaffold in tissue engineering, as the decellularized tissues are essentially maintained the structure and physical properties of the living tissue. We have been developed a new decellularization method without detergents, high-hydrostatic pressure (HHP) method. Using this method, complete removal of infectious bacteria, viruses, and cells was accomplished.
  2. Molecular aggregates formed by the high-hydrostatic pressure process
    Hydrogen bond assembles molecular assembly under high pressure. Using the HHP processing of more than 6,000 atmospheres, we try to prepare the nucleic acid assembly and apply them as gene delivery system.
  3. Extracellular matrix remodeling
    We have developed an artificial extracellular matrix (ECM) that replicated the structure of the native ECM from a quaternary structure of collagen molecules using fibrillogenesis. We have studied about tissue remodeling using artificially reconstructed extracellular matrix. Specifically, we are investigating the applications of as artificial skin and artificial cornea of precision design artificial extracellular matrix structure.
  4. Immune control system: technology of specific cell capture and release
    In cancer immunotherapy, by removing regulatory T cells (Treg) that negatively regulates immune reactions, to be able to enhance the anti-tumor immune responses have been revealed. We are developing technologies to capture and release Treg using interfacial science.


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