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Guidelines for Applicants in 2018FY

We are recruiting new applicants for regular user in 2018 fiscal year. Those who would like to apply, please submit the application form after reading the "Registration Procedures" and the "Tokyo Medeical and Dental University Detailed Rules for Use of On-Campus Nursery" (Tokyo Medeical and Dental University Rules and Regulations, part3, chapter2, subchapter15) as indicated below. In addition , please apply recognized nursery near their place of residence beforehand. Sinse TMDU will give priority to those who are not able to send their children there. Those who wish to use after May will be excluded from this application.


Faculties, staff members and students (both undergraduate and post graduate in principle) of TMDU.

recruitment number of childs

0 years old : 9
1 years old : 9
Over 2 years old : 9

Eligible Children

Children before entering an elementary school from the 57th day after birth.

Period of Use

From April 1st,2018 to March 31th,2019

Period of application

From January 11th (Thr) to 26th (Fri) 2018

How to apply

Please fill in the "Regular Childcare Application Form" and submit to Parsonnel Section, General Affairs Division. Application will be accepted by mail or FAX (in case of FAX, please be sure to bring the original copy of the application form on the day of entrance interview).
We will start the interviews as soon as you apply. Please make a reservation of your interview when you submit the application.

Required forms

  1. Regular Childcare Application Form
  2. Certificate of Employment or Student Registration Certificate (in case of the parent or gurdian is not a member of the faculty or student) [Go to form of Certificate of Employment]
  3. Approval and authentication nursery application glance
  4. Copy of the notice as a result of a entrance application for the recognised nursery.
  5. In before childbirth, the copy of the page which the expected date of birth of the maternal and child health handbook described.

Reservation of interview

We will start the meeting from time to time from the recruitment week. Please make an appointment reservation at the personnel department welfare office in charge when submitting the application form.

The interview is to confirm the growth situation etc. before entering the school. Please come to a nursery school with your child. Also, please bring your "child's picture" and "child health handbook" for identity verification. In addition, please fill in "Health Record Book" , "Living situation prior to nursery enrollment(for Infants・for Child)" before the interview, submit it to the nursery school. (It is also possible to bring it on the day.)


When there is change to the contents of the application form, please submit Change Report Form to the person in charge promptly. Please do it similarly after entrance.

Attached document "Registration Procedures" is in intranet website. In case you can not access this website due to taking a childcare leave or other reasons, we may send it in the mail. In that case, please contact the person in charge.

Procedures of the interview

We will start the interviews as soon as you apply. Please make a reservation of your interview when you submit the application. We check the growth situation of the child. You have a photograph of the child, Maternity nursing record book, "Health Record Book","Infant's Condition Before Enering the Nursery",and come with a child on that day.

Procedures for the application

  1. We will start the interviews as soon as you apply.
  2. After the interview, Nursery Management Committee screen the applicants. In the process of screening,presentaion of documents other than the documents which we have had already submitted,and a hearing may be performed.
  3. Decision from the committee is notified at the end of February.

Nursery school overview

Yushima area building 1 floor
WAKUWAKU Hoikuen(On-Campus Nursery)
27 people(0 years old : 9 people, 1 years old : 9 people ,over 2 years old : 9 people)
Childcare time
Basic child care 7:30 - 18:00
Extended Childcare 7:00 - 7:30 (Necessary consultantion) , 18:00 - 20:00
Closed days
Saturdays and Sundays Public holidays Year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 - 1/3)
Chid care fee
Regular childcare
   ¥ 80,000 per month (1 year old class, 2 years old child class)
   ¥ 85,000 per month (0 years old child class)
   Extended childcare fee (¥ 500 / 30 minutes),
   food expenses (dinner ¥ 500 , supplement meal ¥ 200) etc separately
Part-time childcare
    ¥ 500 / 30 minutes (registration fee ¥ 2,000, lunch ¥ 500,
    supplement meal ¥ 200 etc. separately)
   * Available only when the capacity is available
<Expenses for nursery school administration>
  • FY2016 spending: ¥ 38,623,184
  • FY2016 income: ¥ 38,623,184
    (Nursery fee income ¥ 18,873,998 + subsidy ¥ 4,140,000
    + University grants ¥ 15,609,186)
    * Childcare fee is set based on the above balance of income situation.

Department in charge (Submission of application form, reservation for meeting)

Person in charge
Ms.Odashima, Personnel Section
1st floor no.6,Bldg 1st East ext.4654
1-5-45 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8510