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WAKU WAKU Hoikuen is independently contracted and the operation of the facility is managed by Pigeon Hearts Corporation.

A message from Pigeon Hearts Corporation
Pigeon Hearts Corporation is a 100% subsidiary of nursing-care products manufacturer Pigeon Corporation. As a company whose primary business is nursing-care, we are very aware of the importance of our mission and of our brand of "safety and assurance". We undertake the management of our nurseries with a great sense of responsibility. All of our childminders are conscious of just how precious the lives that they are entrusted with, and that their role is to diligently watch over the children in their care and provide them with encouragement. In a mutually supportive partnership with the guardians, their aim is to create a nursery where they can really help nurture and bring up the children.

Childcare Policy

From the moment a child is born they have a precious power to "grow". We want to support this with plenty of love in an environment filled with trust and a sense of safety. We cultivate the foundation upon which our children can live life to the full and build a bright and promising future.

Child-Care Policy : Cultivate the power to grow
Aims of child-care [Love]:To nurture children who love themselves and their friends, and who cherish the plants and animals around them. [Communication]:To nurture children who value their relationships with others, and who:*greet people in a lively manner *want to listen, talk to, and engage with others [Challenge]:To nurture children who want to challenge themselves in lots of different ways.
Childcare system:
We have a home-room teacher system.

Period of adjustment

In order to help adjust to nursery life, children and their guardians must undergo a period of adjustment before regular attendance begins.

Daily flow

Time Under 1 year old 1-2 years old 3-5 years old
7:30 Arrive at nursery Arrive at nursery Arrive at nursery
8:00 Indoor free play Indoor free play Indoor free play
9:00 Morning nap    
9:30 Snack time Snack time, Morning meeting Snack time, Morning meeting
10:00 Playtime Activity Time Activity Time
11:00 Baby food Lunch Use toilet, washing hands
12:00 Afternoon nap Afternoon nap Lunch, afternoon nap
15:00 Baby food, afternoon snack Afternoon snack Afternoon snack
17:00 Free play Free play Free play
18:00 Leave nursery Leave nursery Leave nursery
(18:00) Extended childcare, supplementary meal/supper

This schedule may change depending on the child's situation

Free Play Lunch etc. Walking

Annual events schedule

  Event Health
Every month Birthday party / Emergency drill Body measurement
April Nice to meet you party  
May Children’s Day Health check up
June Cavity prevention Dental check / Pinworm inspection
July Star Festival  
August Summer festival  
September Night of the full moon / Emergency drill  
October Excursion Health check up
November Labor Thanksgiving Day / Fall harvest experience  
December Christmas  
January New Year’s party  
February Setsubun (bean throwing), exhibition of children’s work  
March Doll's festival  

This schedule is subject to change.

Event(Spring) Event(Summer) Annual Function
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