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Campus Access and Map

Yushima and Surugadai Campus
Yushima and Surugadai Campus Map
1 Building No.1 / Administration Building (Secretariat/Personnel) University Library,Basic Dental Science Laboratories 11 Medical-Dental Building II (M&D Tower)
2 Building No.2 / Educational Facilities 12 Building No.5
3 Clinical Dental Science Laboratories 13 Building No.6
4 Faculty of Dentistry and Animal Research Center 14 Joint Institutes for Research
5 Faculty Building of Dentistry (University Hospital of Dentistry) 15 Radioisotope Laboratories
6 Faculty of Dentistry (Office) 16 Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering
7 Reserch/Education Building 17 Medical Research Institute
8 Building No.3 18 Surugadai Clinical Laboratories
9 New Faculty Building of Medicine (University Hospital of Medicine) 19 Nurses Domitory (Residence-Meiho)
10 Medical-Dental Building I    

Kounodai Campus
Kounodai Campus Map
1 Administration Office and Study Room 7 Club House
2 Champ de Causerie 8 Training Center
3 Library 9 Japanese Archery Gymnasium
4 Sports Gymnasium 10 International House
5 Student Domitory 11 International Student House
6 Budokan (Martial Arts Gymnasium) 12 Hippocrates Hall

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