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Patrick Foss

Associate Professor


〒272-0827 市川市 国府台2-8-30

Phone: 047-300-7139 / Fax: 047-300-7100
E-mail: foss.las (at)


Ph.D. (Applied Linguistics) Victoria University of Wellington 2011


My doctoral research involved using corpora to study how Japanese learners of English use vocabulary in writing. Other research interests include curriculum development, particularly related to English-medium instruction, and Anglophone writing on Japan.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  1. Foss, P. & Sakamaki-Barrett, Y. (2017). 『一気に英語力がグレードアップする100の英単語』 Tokyo: Soshisha.
  2. Foss, P. & Sakamaki-Barrett, Y. (2015). 『いきなり英語がうまくなる100の英単語』 Tokyo: Soshisha.
  3. Foss, P. & Sakamaki-Barrett, Y. (2013). 『日本人に足りないネイティブの英単語100』 Tokyo: Soshisha.
  4. Foss, P. & Sakamaki-Barrett, Y. (2004). 『英会話ほんとは論理力』Tokyo: Kodansha International.
  1. Foss, P. (2017). Across Tokyo. (ASIN: B077W2F5NH)
  1. Foss, P. (2011). Developing a blogwriting program at a Japanese university. In J. Macalister & I.S.P. Nation (Eds.), Case Studies in Language Curriculum Design (pp. 195-207). New York: Routledge.
  1. Foss, P. (2013). DIY volunteering in Phnom Penh. The Teachers Helping Teachers Journal, 1, 78-81.
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  6. Foss, P., Carney, N., McDonald, K., & Rooks, M. (2007). Project-based learning activities for short-term intensive English programs. Asian EFL Journal, 23, 1-19.
  1. Foss, P. (2018, January). Searching for acceptance in The Inland Sea and on The Roads to Sata: the contrasting approaches of Donald Richie and Alan Booth. Paper presented at the 24th Japan Studies Association Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  2. Foss, P. (2015, March). A vocabulary course for college students: principles vs practice. Poster presentation at the Language in Focus 2015 Conference, Cappadocia, Turkey.
  3. Foss, P. (2013, October). Volunteer teaching in Cambodia. Poster presentation at the 39th JALT International Conference, Kobe, Japan.
  4. Foss, P. (2011, August). Using a longitudinal written learner corpus to investigate lexical development in lower/intermediate level learners. Paper presented at the 16th World Conference of Applied Linguistics, Beijing, China.
  5. Foss, P. (2011, February). Designing effective rubrics.. Paper presented at the NELTA 16th International Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal.
  6. Foss, P. (2009, March). Using blogs in the language classroom. Paper presented at the 29th CDELT Symposium, Cairo, Egypt.
  1. Foss, P. (2009). Review of Japan's Built-in Lexicon of English-Based Loanwords (by Frank E. Daulton). The JALT Journal, 31(1), 129-130.

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