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Jeanette Dennisson

Associate Professor


〒272-0827 市川市 国府台2-8-30

Phone: 047-300-7130 / Fax: 047-300-7100
E-mail: dennisson.las (at)


M.S. (Molecular Biology) Chiba University 2008
B.S. (Biochemistry) Georgia Institute of Technology 2001

Research Interests

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), English for medical purposes (EMP), English for specific purposes (ESP), basic medical (science) education, e-Learning curriculum development, STEM learning and teaching

Selected Publications and Presentations

  1. Ohshiro K, Obinata T, Dennisson JG, Ogasawara M, Sato N. Troponin in both smooth and striated muscles of ascidian Ciona intestinalis functions as a Ca(2+)-dependent accelerator of actin-myosin interaction. Biochemistry 2010, 49:9563-9571.
  2. Dennisson J., et al. Functional characteristics of amphioxus troponin in regulation of muscle contraction. Zoological Science 2010, 27:461-469.
  3. Cody J., Dennisson J., et al. X-ray structures, photophysical characterization, and computational analysis of geometrically constrained copper(I)-phenanthroline complexes. Inorganic Chemistry 2003, 42:4918-4929.

  1. Dennisson J. Communicative Competence with Simulated Patients. JALT 41st Annual International Conference. 2015
  2. Dennisson J. Simulated Patients: Changing Teaching and Healthcare女性言語教育学会研修会 第20回 2015
  3. Dennisson J. Doctor or Housewife: A woman’s struggle of social identity. 女性言語教育学会研修会 第18回2013 (Presentation)
  4. Dennisson J., et al. A comparative study of the functional variation of Protochordate troponin. The 78th Annual Meeting of the Zoological Society of Japan (October, 2007) (Poster)
  5. Oshiro K., Obinata T., Ogawara M., Dennisson J., et al. Comparison of the Function of Muscle Troponin in Different Ascidians. The 78th Annual Meeting of the Zoological Society of Japan (October, 2007) (Presentation)

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