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Specifically, what is considered to be "intellectual property" handled by Industry Alliances Division of Tokyo Medical and Dental University?

What are considered to be "intellectual properties" by TMDU are patents, utility models, designs literary work and research materials resulting from research and educational activities.

When filing a patent application for research results created by a TMDU researcher, does the university always become the applicant?

In principle, all intellectual property created as a result of research and study by TMDU researchers and faculty members belongs to the university. A TMDU researcher or faculty member with a new invention first submits an Invention Disclosure Form to the Industry Alliances Division. The relevant personnel of the Industry Alliances Division then meet with the inventor and conduct verifications as necessary. Next, the Intellectual Property Evaluation Committee examines the invention and determines whether the rights belong to the university. For inventions that are determined to be the intellectual property of the university, the Industry Alliances Division, in cooperation with the inventor, files a patent application. Inventions that are not the intellectual property of the university are returned to the researcher.

What should I do if I want to conduct collaborative research with TMDU researchers?

Please click here for information on Cooperative Research

What should I do if I want to conclude a license agreement with TMDU?

Please contact Industry Alliances Division.


What should I do if I want to know the technologies of TMDU?

Refer to Seeds Collection. If you become a member of TLO Corporate Membership Program, you will be able to receive the information on research by TMDU researchers on a regular basis.

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