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Agreement's support for Research

Coordinating industry-academia partnerships

In conducting research with companies, research institutions and other external organizations, the Industry Alliances Division assists both parties in establishing the ideal working relationship, by for example, drafting and verifying the terms and conditions of the Agreement.

Major duties

The Industry Alliances Division coordinates with relevant divisions regarding concluding agreements for collaborative research, contract research, non-disclosure, research materials transfer and other partnerships with companies and research institutions, to ensure smooth collaboration. The division also offers guidance related to what kind of agreement must be concluded.

Procedure flow for concluding collaborative research and contract research agreements

  1. External organizations (companies or research institutions) apply for collaborative or contract research opportunities (application accepted by the Research Center for Industry Alliances)
  2. The Administration Office sends the external organization a draft of the Research Agreement
  3. Discussions regarding the Agreement or negotiations regarding modifications are handled by the Research Center for Industry Alliances

Other agreements and forms of support

The Research Center for Industry Alliances prepares the contents of the Agreement and negotiates with the external organization.
After the terms and conditions have been agreed upon by both parties, the Administration Office follows-up on internal procedures such as preparing an official copy of the Agreement and obtaining signatures.

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