Molecular Epidemiology


Welcome to the Laboratory of Molecular Epidemiology!

We are interested in the study of discovering the genetic and environmental causes of the diseases, which leads the primary prevention, molecular diagnosis, and development of new medicine in the near future. In addition to the traditional epidemioplogical methods which trace back the primary factors of the diseases in environmental and lifesyle factors, we focus on the inherited personal differencies, such as SNPs (single nucleotude polymorphisms) which is included in the genome.

In Japan, so many patients who have common disease(s) are anticipated, especially with the extra troop. These are not only threatening our QOL along with longevity, but also are pressing also medical economy. Since in many of the common diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia, both environmental factors (such as life style) and heredity factors are deeply involved, if the genetic risk factor becomes clear, it is thought that personal prevention and delay of disease onset may be possible.

We will produce high quality medical information through analyzing environment factors and large-scale multiple genotypes, especially in the Japanese population.

We have already started the collaborative studies with several clinical labs and institutes, to realize the high-quality data collection and its linkage and association analyses. One who is interested in this kind of approach and /or doctors who are willing to apply the genome information to medical care, please do not hesitate to contact us. We welcome various types of collaboration.

Masaaki MURAMATSU, Professor
photo ProfessorMuramatsu