International Genomic Imprinting Workshop 2006
Invited Speakers
D. Barlow, M. Bartolomei, D. Bourc'his, B. Cattanach, L. Dandolo, R. Feil, A. Ferguson-Smith,
T. Forne, M. Georges, J. Graves, B. Horsthemke, G. Kelsey, T. Kono, G. Moore, T. Mukai,
A. Niikawa, M. Oshimura, J. Peters, A. Razin, W. Reik, M. Renfree, D. Solter, M.A. Surani,
N. Wake, J. Walter, A. Ward

Fumitoshi Ishino, 
Tomoko Kaneko-Ishino 
Hiroyuki Sasaki Joint-hosted by
   Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

   Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

   National Institute of Genetics, 
        Research Organization of Information and Systems

   Tokai University Educational System General Research Organization

   Scientific Research on Priority Area, Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research
        “Germ cell development, reprogramming and epigenetics”

Supported by
    - Inoue Foundation for Science
    - Life Science Foundation of Japan
    We, organizes of the Internal Genomic Imprinting Workshop 2006, would like to acknowledge your recent participation in the workshop. 
   Everything considered, it was a really successful meeting and we appreciated very much that it was due mainly to your valuable contributions.  Thank you very much for your excellent presentation and many discussions.  We hope that it was as enjoyable and rewarding to you as it was to us.
   We also hope that we will meet together at the next meeting.