Schedule for Joint Meetings:
The 5th Surugadai International Symposium
Nov. 29  
9:30-17:30      The 5th Surugadai International symposium
                         of Medical Research Institute, Tokyo Medical and Dental University,
                         entitled "Genomics and Epigenomics of Human Diseases
                         and Mammalian Development"
                         at Lecture Hall in Dental Hospital of Tokyo Medical and Dental University.
Internationa Genomic Imprinting Workshop 2006
Nov. 29
18:00-21:00    Reception for Genomic Imprinting Workshop 2006
                        at Tokyo Garden Palace Hotel (see Map)
Nov. 30  
  8:30        Registration    at Tokyo Medical and Dental University
  9:30        Fumitoshi Ishino    Opening remarks    
Session 1    - Human diseases and abnormal phenotypes -
Chair:  Robert Feil, Marisa Bartolomei
  9:40        Michel Georges    Recent progress in deciphering the molecular basis of polar
                overdominance at the ovine callipyge locus    
10:05        Andrew Ward    Grb10 forms a link between fetal growth and glucose metabolism
                in adulthood    
10:30        Gavin Kelsey    Gnas and opposing imprinted influences on metabolism
10:55    coffee break
Chair:  Denise Barlow, Jo Peters
11:15        Luisa Dandolo    The H19-IGF2 locus in colorectal cancer
11:40    Anne Ferguson-Smith    Function and regulation of genomic imprinting on mouse
                 chromosome 12
12:05        Yoichi Sekita    Role of retrotransposon-derived imprinted gene, Peg11/Rtl1,
                 in mouse placenta
12:20    Lunch
Special Letuture
Chair:   Hiroyuki Sasaki
13:20    Nobuo Takagi    Discovery of imprinted X-inactivation in eutherian mammals
Chair:   Tomoko Kaneko-Ishino
14:00    Bruce Cattanach    Events leading to the discovery of imprinting
14:40    short break
Session 2   -  Mammalian development and evolution -
Chair:   Thierry Forne, Takashi Sado
15:00    Marilyn Renfree    Imprinting and the evolution of the placenta    
15:25    Jennifer Graves    Evolution of epigenetic silencing in mammals    
15:50    Ryuichi Ono    Retrotransposons and the evolution of mammalian viviparity
16:05    Tetsu Kinoshita    Control of imprinted FWA gene in Arabidopsis endosperm
16:20    Frederic Berger    An alternative model for the parental conflict over embryo
                 grwoth in Arabidopsis
16:35    coffe break
Chair:  Norio Niikawa, Jörn Walter
16:55    Gudrun Moore    Conservation of imprinted genes in the human placenta
17:20    Keiichiro Jo    U2AF1-RS1/MURR1 locus are newly imprinted in mouse after the
                  divergence between human and mouse
17:45    Deborah Bourc'his    Sexual dimorphism in genomic imprinting
18:10    Tomohiro Kono    Complementary roles of Igf2 and Dlk1 for descendants
18:35    Kenichiro Hata    Placental defects in mice lacking maternal methylation imprint
18:50    Andrew J. Wood    Parent-of origin-specific transcriptional termination at a novel
                 imprinted gene cluster
19:05    Dinner
Dec. 1
  9:00        opening comment
Session 3    - Regulatory mechanisms I -
Chair:   Gudrun Moore, Andrew Ward    
  9:05    Robert Feil    Histone lysine methylation in autosomal genomic imprinting
  9:30    Jörn Walter    Epigenetic reprogramming and imprinting
  9:55    Thierry Forne    Investigating higher-order chromatin architecture at imprinted loci
10:20    Hiroyuki Sasaki   DNA methyltransferases in genomic imprinting and transposon
                 silencing in the mouse germ cells
10:45    coffee brake
Chair:   Tomohiro Kono, Luisa Dandolo
11:05    Ruth Shemer    Cis acting element in AS-SRO facilitate imprinting of PWS/AS
11:20    Takashi Sado    Implications for Tsix-independent silencing of Xist in the
                 embryonic lineage
11:35    Toru Nakano    PGC7/Stella as a protector against DNA demethylation in early
11:50    Paul Vrana    An overview of deer mice (Peromyscus) as a genomic imprinting
Techincal Seminer
Chair:   Michael George, ,Deborah Bourc'his
12:05    Affymetrix    Tiling Arrays for Genome Analysis    
12:20    Agilent    Understanding genetic and epigenetic transcriptional regulation using
12:35    Lunch
Poster Session
13:35    Poster
Session 4    - Regulatory mechanisms II -
Chair:  Anne Ferguson-Smith, Gavin Kelsey
16:00    Richard J. Chaillet    Role of DMD sequences in maintenance of imprinted gene
16:15    Michael J. ONeill    Epigenetic and Structural Features of the X-linked, Imprinted
                 Xlr3/4 Locus Suggest a Novel Mechanism of Parent-Specific Gene Expression in
16:30    Shin Kobayashi    Discovery of novel X-linked imprinted gene RHOX5/PEM in
                 preimplantation embryos
16:45    Jo Peters    Control of imprinting at the Gnas locus
17:10    Marisa Bartolomei    Epigenetic regulation of H19 and Igf2 imprinting
17:35    Denise Barlow    Control of imprinted expression by the Air ncRNA
                 - a matter of activation inhibition
18:00    Hiroyuki Sasaki    Closing remarks
19:00      Banquet
Dec. 2
9:00-12:30    Optional Bus Tour to ASAKUSA (Old Tokyo town)