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H. Tamamura Prof
K. Tsuji Assist Prof
T. Kobayakawa Assist Prof

Research Theme

  1. Development of peptidomimetics and drug discovery templates.
    Peptidomimetics for the development of peptide-lead drugs and drug-discovery templates for conformational restriction, which enable pharmacophores of bioactive compounds (ex. peptides) to be suitably disposed in three-dimensional space, are being developed. Drug discovery for the chemotherapy is being performed based on targeting several receptors, enzymes, etc.
  2. Development of HIV inhibitors and AIDS vaccines.
    Using peptide chemistry and medicinal chemistry approaches, HIV inhibitors and antigens for AIDS vaccine are being developed.
  3. Development of bioprobes and chemical biology.
    Development of bioprobes that specifically recognize each receptor or enzyme for research on chemical biology is going on.
  4. Development of applications of zinc finger protein for gene therapy and nano technology.
    Utilizing the DNA sequence-specific recognition of zinc finger proteins, technologies for DNA recombination, modifications, and DNA labeling are being developed.


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Until 2013
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