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Address to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences


College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
2-8-30 Kounodai, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba 272-0827 Japan
Tel: +81 47 300 7103   FAX: +81 47 300 7100

How to get to Kounodai Campus

Access (Kounodai Campus)

Via JR-Sobu Line Trains:

Take the Sobu-line train in the Chiba direction if coming from central Tokyo (such as Ochanomizu) all the way to Ichikawa station.
  When you are inside Ichikawa station you will see one little exit gate on one side and a big gate on the other. Go to the big gate, exit, and go toward the right and down the short set of stairs.
  You will be looking at a bus area. Walk around to the left to bus stop #1. Take any bus at that stop (they might all be bus #11) to the Konodai Byoin stop. If you look out the window to the left before getting to the stop, you'll see a wide-low gate--that's TMDU. Walk back from the bus stop.
(FYI: The stop before the Konodai Byoin stop is Wayo Women's University.)

Via Keisei Line Trains:

Exit at Kounodai station. As you exit the station go left and turn immediately to the left (walking along the station) and across a bridge over a road. Go down the steps to the bus stop. From the Keisei Kounodai bus stop take a bus (probably #11) up the hill to the Konodai Byoin stop (the third stop). Then walk slightly back to TMDU.
  If you prefer a brief, but uphill walk, then instead of taking the bus three stops: as you exit the Keisei Kounodai train station go left, but do not go down the little alley. In about a minute, the road you are on will merge with the main road the buses are on. Just keep walking up the road, cross the street when safe and convenient, and arrive at TMDU in about 15 minutes.