What is URA?

What is URA?

URA refers to personnel at universities and other institutions who, alongside researchers, vitalize research and reinforce R&D management though their planning and management of research activities and encouragement of applied research outcomes. Some examples of URA activities include: The planning and joint execution (with researchers) of research projects; the careful examination of how research plans correspond to related laws and regulations; negotiation and the provision of advice regarding research projects; the management of research progress, accounting, financial affairs and facilities; the summarization of research outcomes for patent applications and other purposes; and finally, the promotion of research utilization.
(Partially quoted from the MEXT URA Public Recruitment website)

Role of URA Office at Tokyo Medical and Dental University

External Funds
While providing intellectual and physical application preparation support, URA actively seeks information regarding competitive funding provided by public and private organizations. It analyzes the funds and selects faculty members whose research matches the fund purpose.
Research Abilities
To further improve the strength of the institution and achieve a high adoption rate of Scientific Research funds, URA supports the preparation of experiment plans, experiment execution, and the preparation of scientific essays in cooperation with research centers within the institution.
Public Relations
Conduct outreach regarding research outcomes in cooperation with the Public Relations Department.
Advanced Medicine
In cooperation with the Research/Industry-Academia Collaboration Promotion Organization, URA provides PMDA consultations and supports tests initiated by medical investigators. It also provides other services to support researchers whose work has a high potential for advancing medicine.

Profiles of URA Personnel

Senior URA URA (Including members of URA Clerical Department)