Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories

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Experiment devices

Scanning Electron Microscope JSM-IT100 (JEOL)

Full automatic ion sputter Quick auto coater
SC-701AT (Sanyu electron)
For fabricating samples for SEM

Confocal laser microscopy (CLSM)
VK-X150 (Keyence)

Optical microscope NIKON SMZ1000 (Nikon)

Nanoindentation ENT-1100a (Elionix)

Microscope digital Camera DP-70 (OLYMPUS)

Transversal Microradiography (TMR) 
CMR-2 (Softex)

Contact angle system VCA Optima (AST)

3D printer Value3D MagiX MF-1000 (MUTOH)

Shaker incubator SI-45(BMS)

Universal testing machine EZ-SX (Shimadzu)

Universal testing machine EZ-test (Shimadzu)

Universal testing machine AGS-J (Shimadzu)

Thermocycling device K178-08 (Tokyo Giken)

Sandblasting device Renfert Basic eco (Renfert)

Analytical Balances (METTLER TOLEDO)

Automatic brushing machine K236 (Tokyo Giken)

Centrifuge C-12B (AS ONE)

Microplate Absorbance Reader iMark (Bio-Rad)

Biological clean bench MCV-B91F(SANYO)

Autoclave SX-500 (TOMY)

Oral biofilm reactor (OBR)

High speed refrigerated centrifuge Model 6500 (Kubota)

Lapping machine DIA LAP ACE ML-160A (Maruto)

Real-Time PCR System 7500 (ThermoFisher)

Thermal cycler GeneAmp PCR System 9700
(Applied Biosystems)

Slow-speed diamond saw Isomet (Buehler)

Cutting machine (MARUTO)

Homogenizer TissueLyser LT(QIAGEN)

Pure water generation unit Direct-Q (Merck Millipore)

Model trimmer Y-230 (YOSHIDA)

pH meter F-53 (HORIBA)

Conservative dentistry
Adhesive dentistry
Remineralization and effect of fluoride
Natural compound agents for dental application
Biocompatible dental materialisms
Mussel-mimetic bio-adhesive polymers
Saliva and calculus analysis