For Prospective Students

For Prospective Students

 Cariology and Operative Dentistry recruits around 10 students per year for the PhD program to work on a variety of different projects, supported by a range of sponsors. Some of our PhD students are supported by a scholarship offered by the Japanese government for International students. Many others are supported by the scholarships from the student’s own government or by private funding. Please be advised that government scholarship procedure is competitive.

 The PhD course for international program (English program) typically starts from October each year; depending on several factors, some international students are admitted from April along with Japanese graduate students. Application procedures are mainly conducted by the administration office of TMDU; however, prospective candidates are strongly advised to contact us directly as soon as they decide to apply. The applications are typically closed several months prior to the start of the program.

 Applications are also accepted for short-term research programs (non-degree) as research students. Depending on the qualifications and timing, Ph.D. applicants may have to enroll as a reserach student before they can fully enroll in the degree program.Typically, applicants are dentists possessing a basic professional degree in dentistry, and some also hold a specialty/master dental degree.

 Applicants need to send full CV, including past research experience, publications and research interests to a faculty adviser. The final decision for admission is made by the Professor and chairman and board of admission at university.

 For further information please refer to the information available on the university website. If there is specific information related to Cariology and Operative Dentistry we will be more than happy to assist you. All interested and enthusiastic individuals are encouraged to join our international team at Cariology and Operative Dentistry.