Department of Cariology & Operative Dentistry

Department of Cariology & Operative Dentistry

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PhD Program

Doctor of Philosophy in Dental Science

 The program offered by Cariology and Operative Dentistry normally takes 4 years to complete, and the minimum requirements are completing the prescribed courses, a supervised research project and a dissertation for the degree published in a top international journal. First-year to third-year graduate students attend lectures and seminars given in the graduate school and are expected to gain an understanding of the fundamentals about methodology and the knowledge necessary for their research. The contents of the classes given in our section include topics related to cariology and operative dentistry; caries diagnosis, biocompatibility, caries treatment and restoration, prevention and control, dental materials, new instruments and equipment. In keeping with the internationally orientated philosophy of this section, lectures are conducted in
 English and are open to all foreign students. First-year graduate students also undergo clinical training in the procedures of modern adhesive restorations. Laboratory work, which commences in the first year, is performed under the supervision of our faculty staff. During the four-year program, several papers are required to be presented in domestic and/or international conferences and submitted to journals.

Advanced Clinical Training
 The department of restorative sciences also offers advanced clinical training to graduate students holding an appropriate license to practice dentistry in Japan. Clinical training is also available to those international graduate students who meet the requirements for a temporary license for supervised practice in in our clinics. They also participate in the training of undergraduate students at the operative dentistry clinics and preclinics.