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Advanced Technology Laboratory

Medical Research Institute Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Genome Laboratory

The genome laboratory supports the fundamental technique of genome analysis in the institute, including DNA sequencing, fragment analysis, and PCR analysis. We are committed to a class of Genome and Gene Expression Analyses, an education program of graduate School of Biomedical Sciences in the University, and also provide an activity of introducing advanced DNA technology to researchers.

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Cellular and Proteome Research Laboratory

Cellular and Proteome Research Laboratory has equipments such as a cell sorter and a mass spectrometer, and provides services of cellular and proteome analysis.

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Laboratory of Recombinant Animals

Transgenic and knock-out (knock-in) mice are now essential for biomedical research, especially for elucidating pathogenesis of and developing new treatment for various diseases. The laboratory of recombinant animals provides facility and technical help for establishing and maintaining recombinant mice.

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Animal Research Laboratory

Laboratory of Anatomy and Cell Function

Laboratory of anatomy and cell function manages and maintains necessary equipment, and provides services such as morphologyical analysis and cell function analysis for all laboratories at MRI.

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Bioresource Laboratory

Bioresource Lab. of Medical Research Institute was established in 2004, to support researchers and help postgraduates in cell culture. The center safely supplies domestically or internationally well-recognized cultured cell lines as research materials. All of the cell lines handled have been collected after exchanging MTA with original developers. EB-virus transformed cell lines are also established with B-lymphocytes from patients with intractable diseases including genomic disorders after written informed consent from each of the patients or their parents and also with approval of the Internal Review Board on ethical issues.

Laboratory for Structure Analysis

Bioinformatics Laboratory