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Joint Usage/Research Center for Intractable Diseases

Medical Research Institute Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Since June 2009, The Medical Research Institute (MRI) of Tokyo Medical and Dental University (TMDU) has been recognized as the Joint Usage/Research Program by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

From April 2010, the MRI has been functioning as a Joint Usage/Research Center for Intractable Diseases with the help of researchers of the medical science society, to tackle the pathogenesis of intractable diseases and further develops measures to diagnose and treat patients.

To further develop the Joint Usage/Research Program, we provide the opportunity for researchers worldwide to conduct the cooperative research activities with MRI researchers, and accomplish our mission stated below.

1. Establish a joint usage/research facility, where we will elucidate the pathology and mechanisms of intractable diseases and thereby develop clinical diagnosis systems, effective treatments, and prophylactic designs for these diseases.
2. Implement strategic joint open projects to overcome intractable diseases by tak ing advantage of Medical Research Institute resources: Medical Bioresources, Animal Model Resources, and Omics Data Resources.
3. Provide global open access to our resources and our excellent research facilities, thereby contributing to the broad development of intractable disease research in Japan and overseas.
4. Build an education and support system for young researchers working on intractable diseases.
5. Enlighten the public regarding intractable disease research and disseminate the latest leading-edge information.