Volume 47, Number 4, December, pp. 249-330

Research articles Page
Biology and pathogenesis of Eimeria neodebliecki Vetterling, 1965 in experimentally infected pigs
B. Koudela, J. Vitovec (Czeck Republic)
Characteristics of multiple isolates of Leishmania infantum in an AIDS patient
R. Durand, F. Faraut-Gambarelli, F. Pratlong, M. Paul, D. Rivollet, R. Houin, M. Deniau (France)
Induction of protective immunity against S. mansoni in mice vaccinated with Sm10-DLC
S. Henri, L. Argiro, H. Dessein, A. Bourgois (France)
Comparison between aseric and seric culture-derived exoantigens of Babesia divergens in their ability to induce immunoprotection in gerbils
N. Grande, E. Precigout, S. Camillieri, B. Carcy, K. Moubri, A. Gorenflot (France)
Effects of albendazole against larval and adult Angiostrongylus cantonensis in rats
T. T. Lakwo, A. Ishih, M. Terada, M. Sano (Uganda, Japan)
Molecular cloning and expression of a Schistosoma japonicum tegmental membrane-associated antigen from Japanese starin
L. Chen, P. Gao, T. Yamashita, T. Nara, S. Kojima, F. Sendo, Y. Araki (Japan)
Two new coccidia (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from the green peacock (Pavo muticus) from Saudi Arabia
M. S. Alyousif, Y. R. Al-Shawa (Saudi Arabia)

Research note Page
Early detection of Leishmania (Leishmania) chagasi in draining lymph node after subcutaneous inoculation in hamster
C. E. P. Corbett, M. D. Laurenti (Brazil)

Book review Page
Topley & Wilson's Microbiology and Microbial Infections
Edited by Leslie Collier et al