Volume 46, Number 4, December, pp. 241-326

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Membrane knobs of unfied Babesia bovis-infected erythrocytes: New findings as revealed by atomic force microscopy and surface potential spectrosocopy
M. Aikawa, S. Kawazu, Kamio, T. Y. Matsumoto, T. Naya, M. Torii, Y. Ito, B. Tandler, Y. Nakao, T. Takeuchi, S. Shiraishi, K. Kanamura(Japan)
Major acute response of haptpglobin and serum amyloid-P following experimental infection of mice with Trypanosoma brucei brucei
R.M. Ngure,P.D. Eckershall, F.W. Jennings, J.M. Burke, M.J. Stear, P.G.E. Kennedy, M. Murray (UK)
Antibodies against Toxoplasma gondii in Fennscandian reindeer - Association with the degree of domestication
A. Oksanen,K. Asbakk, M. Mieminen, H. Norberg, A. Nareaho (Norway, Finland)
Expression of heat shock protein in host macrophages correlates with a protective potential against infection with Leishmania major in mice
H. Ishikawa, H. Hisaeda, Y. Maekawa, H. Nagasawa, T. Sakai, F. Ota, K. Himeno (Japan)
Phylogenetic identification of Sparganum proliferum as a pseudopgyllidean cestode
A. Kokaze, H. Miyadera, K. Kita, R. Machinami, O. Noya, B. Alarcon de Noya, M. Okamoto, T. Horii, S. Kojima (Japan, Venezuela)
The epidemiology of fasciolosis in the inter-Andean valley of Cajamarca, Peru
J.R. Claxton, J. R. H. Zambrano, P. Ortiz, C. Amoros, E. Delgado, E. Escurra, M.J. Clarkson (UK, Peru)
Genomic structure of the action-encoding gene of Pneumocystis carinii
Y. Miyahara, Y. Hiraoka, N. Komatsu, T. Takeuchi, S. Aiso (Japan)
Three new intestinal protozoan species of the genus Latteuria n.g. (Cilliophora: Trichostomatia) from Asian and African elephants
O.Timoshenko and S. Imai (Ukraine, Japan)
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Parasitology research in the USA and Japan
J.W. Kazura, L. Miller, K. Tanabe, K. Kita, S. Kojima (USA, Japan)
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