COVID-19: Travel Preparation

COVID-19: Travel Preparation

Before leaving your country

1. Measure your body temperature

Please measure your body temperature for 14 days before leaving your country to check for a fever or other COVID-19 symptoms and fill the records in a self-health observation sheet. DO NOT travel if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms (e.g. a fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fatigue).

2. Purchase travel health insurance

Please purchase travel health insurance so that you are covered during your trip to Japan and the self-quarantine period. You cannot purchase Japanese health insurance provided by the university until you arrive in Japan and begin studies.

3. Submission of Inspection Certificate

All entrants must provide a certificate of inspection within 72 hours prior to departure. If you are unable to submit a valid certificate of inspection, you will not be allowed to enter in Japan based on the Quarantine Law. Please check the Link below for further details and download the valid certificate format.

4. Submission of Pledge and document about Smartphone

Apart from the inspection certificate, you also have to show the Pledge provided by TMDU. You must bring it with you in entering Japan. In addition to those two documents, you must show a document about a smartphone which is used for reporting your health conditions during the quarantine period.

5. Transportation from the landing airport to the quarantine place (Ichikawa International House)

You are prohibited from using Public transportation before the completion of the self-quarantine period, we arrange the transportation for you. Travel Agency picks you up at the landing airport and takes you to the dormitory.

6. Questionnaire

As part of the quarantine procedure for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), all persons must submit a questionnaire on which they have filled in information on their travel history and health condition to the quarantine officer upon entering or returning to Japan. Before you arrive (at home, at the airport, on the airplane, etc.), please enter the required information at our Questionnaire Website, and then present the issued QR code to the quarantine officer when you arrive.

Must-have items

Please bring necessities with you.
1. Thermometer
2. Face masks
3. Daily necessities during self-quarantine for 14 days.
※You must not go to convenience store or supermarket to purchase food and daily necessities during quarantine period.

After arriving in Japan

1. Smartphone

You will be provided a smartphone in an arrival lobby at the airport from the travel agency to report your health condition for the quarantine period. All the necessary applications (Video Call app, GPS app and Covid-19 Contact-Confirmation app) have been already installed in it and you must keep these applications turn on to receive health monitoring including confirmation of location and status check through video calls from The Immigration health Management. The smartphone is rented from the travel agency and you must return it to them the day after the completion of the quarantine period with using a returning kit enclosed in the smartphone package. When you use the kit to return it, you won’t be charged. When you don’t return the smartphone the day after the period and don’t use the returning lit, you will be requested to pay sending and overdue charges. The smartphone is only used for the mentioned purposes and its features are limited. When you make domestic calls totally over 150 mins, the phone call will be charged \200 per minute.

Please visit the Link below, scroll down to the bottom, and find instruction in multi languages.

Your whereabouts will be checked (possibly by a video call) via the smartphone app every day. So please do not go outside and stay in your room until the quarantine period is over.

2. Self-quarantine measures

Measure your body temperature

You must stay at your home and self-quarantine for 14 days after your arrival date (the arrival date should not count) and measure your body temperature and fill in a self-health observation sheet every day. For the time being, please avoid using shared facilities and 3Cs (Closed Spaces, Crowded Places and Closed Contact-Setting).

3. Report your health conditions to FSSU

MEXT requires the university to monitor students during the self-quarantine period, please access the google form to report your health conditions and answer questions every day.

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19, immediately inform your supervisor and FSSU. FSSU will inform MEXT and the public health center.

4. Meals

Please arrange your meals through internet and eat in your dormitory room or a place of accommodation alone. You must not drink or eat outside with someone especially during quarantine period. Not only that period, please refrain from any party with drinking during this pandemic.  
Food Delivery Services
Uber eats (English available)
Seven eleven


MEXT Scholarship Procedures

Usually you need to complete the procedures below within 14 days of your arrival in Japan. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, you need to stay home and go into a mandatory 14-day period of quarantine.
Therefore, please complete these procedures as soon as your quarantine period is over.

1. Moving-in Notification, National Health Insurance (City Hall)

Please go to your local City Hall and submit a moving-in notification. Remember to bring your passport and residence card with you.

Since you are a MEXT scholar, you are required to open a saving account at Japan Post Bank to receive the scholarship (See 3 below). You may open a bank account after you submit a moving-in notification to the City Hall.

Also, please apply for National Health Insurance at the City Hall. You may pick up your health insurance card immediately or received it within a few working days by post depending on circumstances.

2. Travel Expense Procedure (Foreign Student Support Unit, TMDU)

MEXT scholars are required to submit a boarding pass stub (hard copy). After completing all procedures at the City Hall, please visit the Foreign Student Support Unit (Bldg. 1, 4F).

3. Bank Account (Japan Post Bank)

MEXT scholars are required to open a saving account at Japan Post Bank to receive the scholarship. Please bring your passport, residence card, student ID and money (more than 10 JPY) to open a bank account at Japan Post Bank.

You need to register your name in Japanese (Katakana). In general, you can open your bank account with your signature.

After opening an account, please send the photocopy of your bank book (a front cover and a page with your account number) to the Foreign Student Support Unit (