The Plan of the Construction of the Career System of Nurses

The Plan of the Construction of the Career System of Nurses

Development of "The Nursing IKASHIKA Career Path" ~by Methods of Mentoring and PBL ~

Principal Investigator: Tomoko KOMUTA (Director of Nursing, University Hospital of Medicine)
This project is a new business of Ministry of Education,Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for the purpose of the construction of the career system of nurses and the university hospital of Department of Nursing and the School of Health Care Science cooperate and develop the clinical training methods and systems and aim at improving efficient and continual expertise by improving the education level of nurses and the basic education courses.

In this plan, it aims at helping each person accomplishment of their goals with making and proceeding original "The Nursing IkASHIkA Career Path" to support the career formation systematically and effectively and adapting methods of Mentoring and PBL (problem base learning).
This career path is a coherent supporting system based on developing model for nurses from a student to reach an expert, and the clear arrival target is shown in each stage.
By this practical use, it is possible to estimate students or staff and grasp the ability of career of the whole hospital and every unit.

Specifically, as shown in the following figure, there are three stages centered on basic education to staff nurseⅠ,stuff nurse Ⅱ to leadership Ⅱ and career up course and Mentoring education is adapted in this path.

In addition, personnel exchanges between the School of Health Care Science and the university hospital of
Department of Nursing are emphasized in this plan. For example, the training system in hospital for teachers of nursing, the guidance of practice for students of nursing by the stuff of Department of Nursing and the establishment of the nursing special consultation service in the hospital by the corporate operation will be promoted.

"The Career Support Center" becoming a key part of this project will be established becoming to accomplish
these plans effectively. This center assumes roles such as education, research and the internship, and establishing and managing "The Nursing Skills Laboratory" (tentative name) is one of the concrete content of action. "The Nursing Skills Laboratory" is the facility of education aimed for improving skills of nurses and students and installed various simulators so it is available anytime to learn nursing skill freely. Additionally, The Portfolio will be introduced to assess individual skill.
Given these plans, we aim at nurturing nurses having technologically-sophisticated practical and high quality
educated nursing abilities to consider, determine and execute themselves.