Project to Assist the Implementation of a High Level Research / Education System

Project to Assist the Implementation of a High Level Research / Education System

TMDU Internationalization and the High Level Research /Education Project

Project Leader : Ikuo MORITA, PhD(Trustee,Research)
In order to strengthen international contributions through the avenues of education, research, and medical treatment, TMDU, in conjunction with the University of Ghana, set up the Collaborative Research Center on Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases in the Republic of Ghana. Two more global education and research centers are in the process of being set up; one in South America, and one in Southeast Asia.

Furthermore , to encourage these and similar internationalization efforts, the TMDU International Summer Program ( consisting of a lecture course and an international symposium ), to which TMDU invites Asian students and researchers, was inaugurated in2009.

During 2009 TMDU also organized an International Exchange Promotion Head Office, to be led by the trustee in charge of planning and international exchange. In addition, TMDU reorganized the " International Student Center " into the " International Exchange Center " to support the above expansion of internationalization efforts.Moreover, the newly established Science and International Affairs Division will provide clerical support for the various international activities and projects that TMDU will undertake.

Since infrastructure is critically important for state-of-the-art of basic / clinical research, the Research Project Support Office, headed by the trustee in charge of research, was organized this year.The purpose of this office is to develop relevant research project centers, support young researchers and female researchers, and enable researchers to acquire external funding.

This particular project will result in the improvement of laboratory equipment, the establishment of a research-
funds management center and a student center, the promotion of industrial collaboration, management of conflicts of interest, and compliance with research standards. Our overall aim is for TMDU to become a high-level hub research center in the international community.

This project includes the following activities:
1. Formation and enrichment of overseas education/research centers
・University of Ghana (Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research: TMDU-University of Ghana Research Center for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases)
・Clinica Las Condes (Latin American Collaborative Research Center,TMDU,Santiago, Chile)
・Chulalongkorn University (Chulalongkorn University-TMDU Research and Education Collaboration Center)
2.Promotion of international exchange projects
・International Summer Program (Lecture course and international symposium)
・International students support program (Japanese language education)
・Overseas training program for professors (advising practitioners on clinical practice)
3.Enrichment of the International Exchange Center
・Employment of the Director for International Exchange
4.Support for strengthening educational facilities
・Establishment of a Student Center
・Development of a pathological anatomy specimen for educational use; acquisition of equipment for the photography room
・Improvement in the animal experiment facilities
5.Support for research intensification
・Establishment of the Research Expenses Management Center
・Hiring of staff dedicated to procuring more research funding
6.Promotion of industrial collaboration
7.Support for researchers