Special Funds for Education and Research

Special Funds for Education and Research

Research Promotion of Neo-biology

Principal Investigator : Yoshio MIKI, MD, PhD (Professor, Medical Research Institute)

- Integration of dif ferent bioscience technologies -

It is necessary to investigate life sciences by innovative technology from a wide viewpoint covering “a biological molecule”, “a cell”, and“an individual” for the understanding of various biomedical phenomena and the development of novel medical treatments for diseases. Three precedent projects (Path.-Signaling Biology Research Program, Research Promotion of Chemical Biology and Research Project of Sensing Biology) were integrated into the project “Research Promotion of Neo-Biology” to enable cooperation between different bioscience fields. We are promoting the research of the new life science field of neo-biology and aim at the elucidation of cell functions and the development of methods to regulate these functions in“Research Promotion of Neo-Biology.”

Development of the Brain and Vascular Regulation Center

Principal Investigator : Hidehiro MIZUSAWA, MD, PhD (Director, Center for Brain Integration Research)

At TDMU, there has long been a tradition of brain and nervous system science as shown by the awarding of a five year grant under the the 21st century COE(Center of Excellence)program "Brain Integration and its Disorders"(2003-2007). TMDU established the Center for Brain Integration Research(CBIR)in 2007 to follow the great success of the COE program. The mission of CBIR is to overcome diseases of the brain and nervous system by integrating basic and clinical neurosciences.
 In 2008, upon application by TMDU, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) approved the establishment of a new Department of Vascular Intervention and the formation of the Brain and Vascular Regulation Center as the clinical section of CBIR, to which Department of Neurology, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Psychiatry, Department of Anesthesiology(Pain Clinic)as well as Department of Vascular Intervention belong.