【Additional recruitment (* last grade only)】TMDU WISE(II)

【Additional recruitment (* last grade only)】Reiwa 3rd year (2021) Tokyo Medical and Dental University "Students on TMDU WISE(Doctoral Program for World-Leading Innovative & Smart Education) (II) "recruitment

Application Requirements

Please check the Japanese version of the site as much as possible by receiving guidance from tutors.


        Doctoral course students (last grade)

【Additional recruitment (* last grade only)】Reiwa 3rd year (2021) Tokyo Medical and Dental University "Students on TMDU WISE(Doctoral Program for World-Leading Innovative & Smart Education) (II) "recruitment

TMDU Wise Program (II) recruits additional graduate students (last grade only). We encourage you to apply for this since you can receive living expenses and research grants, which can be used for your CV.

If you would like to apply, please check the following carefully before applying (deadline: strictly adhere to noon on December 6).
Please check the Outstanding Graduate School System website (URL below) for the latest information.

Tokyo Medical and Dental University was selected for the Challenging Research Program for Next-Generation Researchers Program" of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and is set to start its support for graduate students under the TMDU WISE Program (II) from this November (tentative). Excellent students on doctorate course will be screened, and those selected for the program will be receiving a monthly stipend to concentrate on research (equivalent to living expenses) in the amount of 160,000 per month and a research grant in the amount of 500,000 yen per year, throughout the term of their studies.
Also, the URA department will drive the process of planning meetings to report research results, seminars to improve research skills, seminars on career development, etc. Funds are also available for international travels of students for research purposes.

Students currently enrolled in a PhD program and falling under any of the following conditions   
・Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences / Medical and Dental Sciences (four-year course): 4th year.
(Including students from M.A. program, and those from MD-PhD, DDS-PhD, and the researcher training course) .
・Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences / Biomedical Sciences and Engineering(three-year course): 3rd year.
・Graduate School of Health Care Sciences (five-year course): 5th year

Students lacking eligibility for application
・Those receiving a stable salary, etc. (those whose estimated annual income before deductions is 2.4 million yen or more);, if the term of employment is shorter than 12  months, those whose 12-month equivalent of the income is expected to exceed 2.4 million yen.
・Those having a prospect of receiving scholarships of 2.4 million yen or higher per year (application will not be accepted if the total amount of multiple scholarships they  receive is of 2.4 million yen or higher per year).
 However, this grant can be used along with scholarships from TA, RA, CA, HCA, MD/DDS-PhD courses (not including scholarship grants in excess of 2.4 million yen in total annually), which will not be considered as income.
・ Persons who have a total of 2.4 million yen or more in total of the above salary and scholarship.
・ Persons who have exceeded the standard number of years of study due to extension of school.

・Those receiving grants from WISE Program (I: University Fellowship), those receiving DC1 or DC2 grants from the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists,  government-financed foreign students, etc. (to be individually determined by the steering committee)

About 20 people
* For details, see the section on the target audience.

The payment period shall be the standard term of study.
However, a mid-term evaluation will be conducted before the student moves up to the final year of study. If there is a significant delay with the progress of research, the subsequent support may be discontinued depending on the case.

Submit the following documents to the Student Support Unit (takuetsu_ssu@ml.tmd.ac.jp) by Noon, December 6 Monday. When sending the email, set the subject as “<StudentIDNumber><YourName>_TMDU WISE Application". (In case of 43200000 John Doe, set it as “43200000JohnDoe_TMDU WISE Application”. Please contact us if you do not receive an email confirming our receipt of your message within two days after you sent it. The following are the necessary documents. Please make sure that the file name begins with your student ID number.

* Some formats have been changed from the last recruitment in October. Please be sure to download the relevant form from the respective link.
1) History/expected income declaration sheet (Application Form 1)
The file should be in Excel format with the filename “<StudentIDNumber><YourName>_Form1.xlsx”.
2) Research performance sheet (Application Form 2)
The file should be in Excel format with the filename “<StudentIDNumber><YourName>_Form2.xlsx”.
3) Research progress report / plan (with some self-promotion) (Application Form 3)
The file should be saved as a PDF file with the filename “<StudentIDNumber><YourName>_Form3.pdf.
For the documents listed in 1) through 3), please be sure to ask your research supervisor for a review before submitting them.
4) Recommendation (Application Form 4)
Please make sure to ask your research supervisor in your host laboratory (who is generally responsible for the course) to review the documents at 1) to 3) above and for a recommendation. Also ask your supervisor to save the document as a PDF file with the filename of “<StudentIDNumber><YourName>_Form4.pdf” and send it directly without giving it back to you.
5) Attached literature that proves your research performance 
A PDF copy of the title page for your published papers (which should include information about the author, title, journal name, date, etc.), and an abstract of your presentation at an academic meeting (which should include information about the presenter, title, meeting name, date, etc.).
* Research performance without its literature attached will be excluded from evaluation.

Your ranking in the entrance examination and your previous year’s academic performance in your undergraduate studies or M.A. Program in the previous year will be used as a reference in screening. Also, in the course of screening, we may ask you to submit additional documents (e.g. tax statement, pay statement, college transcripts). Your cooperation in this regard will be appreciated.
The form is posted at the link below. Please submit the documents to be submitted by e-mail in the file format specified in the above instructions.

The documents submitted with the application will be screened by the screening committee, and the selection results will be separately notified to the applicants chosen to be recruited and their research supervisor.
Information on the procedures for remittance of the monthly stipend to concentrate on research, etc. and the procedures for distributing research grants will also be communicated.

Also, information will be provided separately about research presentation, research stimulating seminars, and career path seminars, etc.

Monthly stipend to concentrate on their research (as equivalent to their living expenses): 160,000 yen per month
Research grant0.5 million yen per year. However, an additional fund for international travel, etc. may be provided if requested by the researcher.
  * The monthly stipend to concentrate on their research is taxable, so the users of this fund should file a tax return for themselves.
  * The research grant should be managed by the research supervisor in the host laboratory (who is generally responsible for the course).
  * For subsidization of international travel for research purposes, we can be consulted separately.

During the period of leave of absence from school, the payment of the monthly stipend to concentrate on their research will be suspended. After return to school, the payment of the said monthly stipend to concentrate on their research will be resumed upon notification.

WHEN ACCEPTED AS A STUDENT ON TMDU WISE PROGRAM (II) [to receive payment of research grant]
- Please read through again the “Handbook to Prevent Frauds in Academic Activities” and submit a written pledge immediately if it has not yet been submitted.
- Please be sure to sign up for research ethics education e-Learning “eAPRIN”.
- Please have your work registered in the “Research Information Database” and update it as necessary.
Note that the three requirements above must be fulfilled as the conditions for distribution of research grant.

“Handbook to Prevent Fraud in Academic Activities”               
“eAPRIN” home page after log-in   
Research Information Database (Data entry screen)

If deemed disqualified by the steering committee for the TMDU WISE Program for any of the following reasons, or where the student has left school, the student will be disqualified and may possibly be requested to return the monthly stipend, retroactive to the beginning of the year (April).
(1)The student has been subject to a disciplinary procedure or suspension from school, or the student has misused research grants or committed fraud in their research;
(2)Any falsification has been found in the content of the application and other submissions;
(3)The student has failed to submit the required notifications without justifiable reason;
(4)The student has stayed on in the college beyond the standard term of study;
(5)Where salary income from in and outside of the university (e.g. salary from a part-time job) has exceeded 2.4 million year annually for any
          consecutive 12 months(please look at the notes titled “Students lacking eligibility for application” in the “Eligibility" section);
(6)The student has been found to be significantly falling behind in their progress on research as at the time of mid-term evaluation; or
(7)The student has been deemed by the steering committee of the TMDU WISE Program to be inappropriate as a graduate student on the TMDU WISE Program.

○ (Caution) About graduate students in the last grade who applied in October
The selection of graduate students in the final year of application by October 29 (see [Additional Recruitment Frame] above) will be conducted independently of this additional recruitment, so it is necessary to apply again. there is no.

■ Application (where to send applications)

Student Support Unit (3F of Building No.5)
Email: takuetsu_ssu@ml.tmd.ac.jp
* Be sure to submit via email. Do not forget to include “<Student ID Number><YourName>_TMDU WISE Application” in the email message title. Please contact us if you do not receive an email confirming our receipt of your message within two days after you sent it.
* For any inquiries, please be sure to use email. Since it takes time to respond depending on the inquiry, please send it to us well in advance.
in advance.

  • Application Form1
  • Application Form2
  • Application Form3
  • Application Form3
  • Application Form4
  • Application Form4
  • Application Form5_(追加募集)様式5_奨学金申告_学籍番号氏名1_EN