Emergency Grant for Students to Continue their Studies

Emergency Grant for Students to Continue their Studies


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To All Students

Emergency Grant for Students to Continue their Studies

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) have notified us of the following information on an emergency grant for students. Please read the following Application Guide carefully to find out who is eligible for the emergency grant. If you are eligible and interested, please submit your application along with the necessary documents by the deadline.

Please note that the number of students who can be recommended for the grant by each university is limited, so even if you meet the requirements, you may not be selected. You will not be notified of the decision whether or not you have been awarded the grant. The transfer of the grant to the applicant's account by JASSO will serve as notification of the decision.
*Please be sure to check the following website for the latest information.

Emergency Grant for Students to Continue their Studies
Amount to be paid: 100,000 yen
Application guide for the "Emergency Grant for Students to Continue their Studies"
URL: https://www.mext.go.jp/content/20211220-mxt_gakushi01-000019539_1.pdf

Reference: Emergency Grant for Students to continue their Studies (page for students)

Students corresponding to any of the following 1–3. (For details, please refer to Page 4 of the "Application Guide" linked above.)
    1. Recipients of JASSO scholarships ※Undergraduate students only※
Students who have received a scholarship from JASSO as of December 10, 2021 are automatically eligible for the scholarship. These students will automatically become eligible for this grant and will be notified separately. Also, such students do not need to submit an application for this grant. (Please do not submit an application form if you meet the criterion in (1))
 2. Students meeting all of the following (1)–(5) criteria
  (1) Living away from home (living away from the person who brings in an income and pays the rent)
  (2) Not receiving more than approximately 1.5 million yen per year (including tuition fees, but not including entrance fees)
  (3) Not expecting additional support due to a decrease in income of either parent
  (4) Part-time job income affected by the coronavirus pandemic
  (5) Struggling to pay the tuition and other expenses despite using the existing support systems (New System for Supporting Students and JASSO Type 1 Scholarship).
 3. Students that the university recognizes as having difficulty in contiuing their studies at the university due to financial reasons, after considering the above criteria in (2).

  • Non-regular students, such as graduate school research students, are not eligible.

How to Apply
Fill out the following necessary documents and submit them by e-mail.               

Please download the documents from the following page.

Documents to be Submitted
(1) [Form 1] Application for the Emergency Grant for Students to continue their Studies
(2) [Form 2] Letter of Commitment
  • The original is to be submitted at a later date. You will be notified separately.
(3) [Form 3] Application Information   
  •  [Form 3] Please check the "Guidelines for Completing Form 3 (Application Information)" on the above website before filling out the relevant information.
  • Please be sure to submit the document as an Excel file, and do not submit as PDF, JPEG or other format, or change, delete or alter the format of the cells of the file. 
(4) The applicant must meet the conditions specified for receving the grant.
  • Please refer to Page 6 of the "Application Guide" and Item 4 "Attached Documents" of Form 1 (Application Form).
  • Please submit copies of all documents that can be submitted in this section (additional documents may be requested if necessary). 
Please be sure to submit by e-mail. No applications will be accepted at the office.

Student Support Office, Student Support Section

The title of the email should be "Student ID Number_Full Name_Application for Continuing Education Grant."
  • Please fill in the "Student ID Number” and “Full Name" fields.
  • Please note that an email reply will not be sent to confirm receipt.
  • Please check your sent folder to ensure that the e-mail has sent correctly.

○Application deadline: January 11 noon, 2022 (Tue.)
(It has been extended from 1/7(Fri.))

For inquiries, please contact:
Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Student Support Office, Student Support Section
E-mail: manabinokyuufukin_ssu@ml.tmd.ac.jp

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