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Surgical Strategic Station: Tele-Monitoring and Tele-Supporting system for Operation Room

An OR is filled with many monitors that report patient information such as the vital signs and diagnosis and treatment information. It is difficult to collect all of this information within the OR and also share it with the OR staff. For example, an anesthesiologist can be considered the "conductor of the surgery" because he/she manages the anesthesia and vital conditions of a patient; however, he/she usually cannot see the surgical field directly during the surgery and cannot immediately understand what has happened when the patient condition changes. It is therefore important to establish a technology for collecting, managing, and sharing all surgical information through a “surgical headquarter” from the viewpoint of establishing an advanced treatment environment for a surgical team.

We have developed a “Surgical Strategic Desk” for monitoring and controlling all the computerized components and audio-visual information inside the OR. We have installed 16 cameras inside the OR, and the audio-visual information and computer systems (MRI, navigation system, video switcher, etc.) are connected to the hospital intranet. Physicians can monitor and control the information and devices remotely from the remote headquarter site of the OR team. The first prototype of this Surgical Strategic Desk has been developed and applied to the iMRI OR at TWMU. We are now trying to develop the second generation of this system, named “Surgical Strategic Station”, that will also contain a module for surgical workflow/progress analysis.

This prototype of "Surgical Strategic Desk" was applied to clinical cases in the OR and Faculty of Advanced Techno-surgery, ABMES, Tokyo Women's Medical Univesrity.

Fig. Surgical Strategic Desk(First Prototype at TWMU)

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