Department of Biodesign, Institute of Biomaterial and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University



Navigation System with "Distance Sensation" for Neurosurgery and Laparoscopic Surgery

A surgical navigation system suffers from two major problems with regard to providing intuitive information for guidance:
(1) Information about the patient anatomy in the surgical field are shown as a raw medical image (CT, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound (US)) on a 2D liquid crystal display (LCD) display. Surgeons have to then recognize the 3D shape, location of the organs, and distance between the organs and the instruments from the 2D images.
(2) Ideally, surgeons should be able to focus their attention on the surgical field during surgery. However, they have to move their eyeline from the patient to the computer screen being used for surgical navigation. When doing so, they have to momentarily stop their surgical procedure.

With a view to solving these problems, we developed a new navigation system with “distance sensation.” This navigation system can provide intuitive information about the distance from the target organs by means of a color-mapped distance map around the organs and alarm sounds?the former is generated from original medical images of the patient using a segmentation and modeling method.

We are now applying our system in clinical settings and evaluating its performance in neurosurgery and laparoscopic surgery. We have developed a clinical application of "distance sensation" for indicating the optimized resection path region in glioma resection using an alarm. We are now developing an application for laparoscopic hepatectomy to notify surgeons of hidden large veins in liver tissue.

Fig. Navigation System with Distance Map for Quantitative Recognition of Optimized Resection Path

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