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Ultrasound Navigation System for Fetal Surgery and WaFLES

Advancements in diagnostic technologies such as ultrasound imaging have enabled fetal diseases to be detected during the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, research and clinical applications of fetal surgery for such diseases, which would otherwise lead to a stillbirth or severe birth defects, are now being developed. However, fetal surgery remains a very invasive treatment for both the fetus and the mother. Hence, we are trying to develop endoscopic fetal surgery techniques with an advanced supporting system for surgical procedures.

The most important problems in endoscopic fetal surgery are the limited field of view?due to the small viewfield and poor depth information on a 2D endoscope and the occasionally cloudy amniotic fluid?and the weak organs inside the uterus. The surgeon must therefore control the surgical instruments with great care and precision.

In light of these problems, we are developing a real-time updated navigation system using an intraoperative 3D ultrasound image for enhancing the surgeons' 3D viewfield and for enabling precise guidance of treatment. This project is a joint research with the National Center for Child Health and Development (NCCHD), Hitachi Aloka Medical Corp., and Innoventure-C Inc.

Fig. Navigation System using Intraoperative Real-time 3D Ultrasound Imaging

We are also trying to apply this navigation system to general laparoscopic surgery in order to establish a precise guidance environment with wide 3D information of the patient anatomy. Water-filled laparo-endoscopic surgery (WaFLES), a new concept of gasless laparoscopic surgery in which the abdominal cavity is filled with water, allows a patient’s body to be scanned using a 3D ultrasound probe from outside the body cavity. This is a joint research project with Prof. Tatsuo Igarashi.

Project WaFLES (CFME, Chiba Univ.)

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