Department of Biodesign, Institute of Biomaterial and Bioengineering, Tokyo Medical and Dental University



Information-Guided Precision Robotic Laser Neurosurgery System

The field of neurosurgery has witnessed many advancements, many of which have been facilitated by the invention of surgical devices such as X-ray CT, MRI, microscopes, and navigation systems. Currently, many institutes use navigation systems and intraoperative imaging devices including ultrasound imaging and interventional MRI. We are trying to develop techniques for the optimized resection of malignant brain tumors, with total tumor removal without any complications due to damage caused to eloquent regions.

To afford the full benefits of the precise visualization of a tumor and eloquent region in the patient’s brain, we have to develop a method for the precise removal of tumor cells, especially at the boundary between the tumor region and the eloquent region. We have developed a precision robotic laser neurosurgery system using a microlaser device (wavelength: 2.8 μm). This system can achieve very precise ablation of brain tumor tissue based on robotic control and an auto-focusing unit with a very small damage region due to heat in the surrounding tissues. We have also developed navigation-based control of this robotic system, through which surgeons can define the resection area based on navigation information. This was a joint project with Terumo and TWMU.

Fig. Robotic Laser Neurosurgery System

We are developing new laser surgery system for Water-filled Laparoendoscopic surgery with image-based organ motion compensation.

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