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Surgical Manipulator System with Image-based Organ Motion Compensation

In the future, it is expected that tissue regenerative medicine will become an alternative to organ transplantation and artificial organs. In our project, we are developing supporting devices for the transplantation of “cell sheets” produced in a temperature-responsive polymer-grafted culture dish, developed by the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science (ABMES), Tokyo Women's Medical University.

Instructions:“Cell Sheet Engineering” (ABMES, TWMU)

However, a cell sheet is very weak tissue because it comprises only one layer of cells. It is quite difficult to fabricate, and complicated techniques are required to handle and transplant it into a patient. We are developing some devices and methodologies to support the safe and precise transplantation of a cell sheet. We focused on a device to handle a weak cell sheet fabricated in a temperature-responsive culture dish and transplant it to a patient and to measure the heart motion, and we are planning to develop a total manipulation system to transplant a myocardial cell sheet to the beating heart of a patient without any damage to both the patient and the cell sheet.

Fig. 4D Heart Motion Estimation for Cell Sheet Transplantation Manipulator

Fig. Surgical robot with a heart-surface-motion synchronization mechanism for myoblast cell sheet transplantation

Fig. Cell sheet handling device for heart regenerative therapy

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