Occupational Health Education
Department of Health Education, Division of Comprehensive Health Nursing Sciences,
Graduate School of Health Care Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

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          Associate Professor

          Kumiko Morita, R.N., Ph.D


Master course


This subject focuses on understanding the determinants of health and the influences of the lifestyle on health from an interdisciplinary perspective, aimed at extending our healthy life expectancy.In addition, by reviewing the domestic and international research articles, students learn about a health educational technique from the planning to the evaluation through lecture and discussion.


Aimed at improving health, students understand health education for which people change their health behaviors, and practice the health educational technique from the planning to the evaluation. Students learn about the theory and technique of health education, and acquire the abilities and research methods to conduct tailored health education for various subjects in various areas.


Doctoral course


Students conduct independent study in medical management, health promotion,and lifestyle control to enhance the effects of healthy life style by advanced health educational techniques on medical economics, and to promote physical and mental health among adults and the elderly. Students obtain independent skills for writing articles for publication in domestic and international journals.


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2. Yumi Chiba, Akiko Sasaki, Kumiko Morita, Yoichi Otsuka, Takahide Nakayama, Kayo Teraoka, Kyoko Yamasaki: Effectiveness of Care Intervention Related to Ingestion and
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