Community Health Nursing
Department of Community Health, Division of Comprehensive Health Nursing Sciences,
Graduate School of Health Sciences, Tokyo Medical and Dental University

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   Akiko Sasaki R.N., Ph.D.     

   ・Assistant Professor
   Tomoko Tanuma R.N., MSN.  

   ・ Assistant
Yoshie Nakajima R.N., BSN 




 It includes community health nursing services to prevent health problems and related living problems
for residents in community. Understanding health care systems in Japan and other countries,
need analysis of community residents, students learn creative research and application in practice
for developing programs for preventive services, effective delivery methods of services, development
of service techniques, team care, care management and care system, utilization and development of
social resources, outcome evaluation in health care, administration and management.
This course prepares leaders who can conduct independent research projects and present their
achievements in domestic and international academic conferences and scientific journals.

Subjects for Community Health Nursing in Master’s Program

Community Health Nursing

Lecture A

2 credits

Having a certain administrative district (health center, city designated by ordinance and municipality) as a unit, this course reflects community nursing and development of related system, service technique and social resources, plan and evaluation of services, nursing leadership, administration and management methods in care management and team care on individual student’s practice and research question.
Community Health Nursing

Seminar A

2 credits

In the first half, this course aims at effective exploring research questions in community health nursing.To conduct a community care nursing research, students learn research trends, concept, philosophy, research plan, and concrete method of developing a research.In the latter half, students obtain advanced community health nursing practice skills as a clinical nurse specialist. Case seminar is added in understanding philosophy and practical development in a purpose of strengthening implementation of community health nursing.
Community Health Nursing


6 credits

Practice in community health nursing though municipal activities and administrative district is responsible for community residents in service provision and utilization of social resources.Practice for community health nursing should be emphasized on advanced community health nursing practice in community health, staff teaching, coordination, adjustment, research and management of ethical problems.
Community Health Nursing

Research (Thesis)

8 credits

Students learn research method in home care nursing, and decide a research theme, review the literature, collect data by conducting a survey, experiment, or case analysis, and obtain presentation and discussion skills in academic conferences or articles through a process of dissertation.

Subjects for Community Health Nursing in Doctoral Program

Community Health Nursing


4 credits

This is more advanced than Lecture A. Though obtaining domestic and international information on community health nursing systems, this program offers the students to prepare for analysis of health needs, program development for partial services, effective delivery methods of services, development of service technique, team care, care management, development of social resources, outcome evaluation, organizational administration and management.Students take either one or a related subject, participate in an international and multidisciplinary research, conduct own research, give a presentation at domestic and international academic conferences, and learn leadership skills as practical international and multidisciplinary researchers who can conduct a original research.
Community Health Nursing

Research (Dissertation)

8 credits

Through conducting a specific research in each field, students obtain independent skills for research activities, presentation and discussion at academic conferences and articles publication for domestic and international journals.




   1. Preventive nursing plan for individuals, family and population 
   2. Developmental method of health education and counseling activities mainly by public health nurse
   3. Team care, care management and care system in community health nursing  
   4. Utilization and development of social resources in community health nursing
   5. Outcome evaluation in community health nursing
   6. Administration and management in community health nursing


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