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This is "student life" in our department!

In this page, we will show you the small essays written by foreign students (both of postgraduate students & research students) in our department.
You can see the "student life" in our department through the essays!


Confront your battle with confidence (K Zin Myint Oo, 2020.01.14)

First of all, I feel greatly privileged to be accepted as a graduate student of the Department of Removable Partial Prosthodontics. My deepest gratitude goes to all members with a warming heart and welcoming hand. Being a graduate student there became one of my turning points to a better path.

To be honest, I was used to be a weak-minded and easily depressive person, so have struggled much to get a good sound sleep at night. However, since I’ve belonged to the RPD department, I have become a person with responsible, confident, and self-esteemed because of RPD’s members’ kind support, caring, guidance, and encouragement in my Ph.D. journey at Japan. Their behavior and attitudes taught me to appreciate every single gratitude to what I encountered, also changed my mindset to be positive and not reluctant of to be failed; which drives me to a person what I am right now.

As you know, studying abroad is not such an easy journey; trying to adapt to somewhere new far away from hometown and families we love. I would like to say I was lucky enough to get such continuous support from my department’s members during my study abroad in Japan. Through gaining generous support, I could comfortably pass through all the struggles, loneliness, and challenging study in Japan. Furthermore, I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the research, and the clinical procedures, and had a chance to learn from the expert faculty members with regards to prosthodontics. These are the best benefits that I have ever gained throughout my life.

I am quite inspired by each RPD’ member, who is hardworking, independent, responsible, and always passionate about their work. Studying here for almost 4 years, shaped me into to be such alike of them. I am really overwhelmed with gratitude for their help. I totally believe that my experiences and knowledge earned from Japan would be advantageous for me to confront every battle that will be waiting ahead in the future.

Student life in a new land (Hein Linn Htat, 2019.12.23)

My first case received from the assistance professor

Being a student in a foreign country is one of the most beneficial experiences in life. Students can have good opportunities to study foreign languages and learn good habits and culture from the new lands. Japan is my favorite country, well known for the politeness of the people, and is one of the most technologically advanced and the safest country in the world. I decided to go to Japan for my further studies.

In April 2015, I started to learn Japanese at a Japanese language school and then I joined Tokyo Medical and Dental University according to my plan. I chose the Removable partial prosthodontics department because I heard from my senior that I would get a chance to assist in the clinic and also do laboratory works for real patients. I have always wanted to learn about prosthodontics clinical and laboratory procedures. I began my studies as a research student before I entered the Ph.D. course.

It is a good challenge for studying and working together with different people from different countries. I appreciate that the Japanese are extremely hard-working and punctual. All teachers and students come to the university and start their clinical work from 9:00 to 17:00. After the clinic, some continue to do their laboratory works and some research until late at night. I had learned so many things from my department, especially prosthodontics laboratory skills, which I had never learned before.

One day, I got a chance to make a metal post and core from an assistant professor when I was assisting him in the clinic. I learned how to make the post and core from my tutor and I did very carefully from waxing up to casting and till the end. I was so excited when my teacher tried on the metal post and core. It was a good fit without any problems. After a few months, when I was assisting the teacher, we met that patient again together, he showed me that this patient was using the post and core I made. Though I had made many laboratory works back in my country for patients, I felt so honored because the post and core that I made all procedures by myself could be used perfectly in a Japanese patient.

I am confident that when I graduate from this department, I can perform wonderful clinical and laboratory skills, have creativity in the research field and could implement the knowledge wherever I will be. I want to encourage students from all over the world to experience our removable partial prosthodontics department.

"HOME" (Hla Htoot Wai Cho, 2019.11.19)

A home is the place where the people live with their family such as parents and sibling together. A home which gives you comfortable and safe. At home, everybody relaxes, safe, and enjoys what they deem best because everybody knows who we stay with; such as family. Therefore, everywhere can be a home at least there is a family.

For as foreign student like me, I do believe in second family. In October 2016, I came to this department for my further study. At that time, I have had a lot of uncertainness such as can I fit in this department or can I harmonize to other people? Because we all have language barrier. We’re misunderstood each other for first few months. But they’re never gave up on me as same as I was. So I tried to spend more time with them and started to create the new bonds and friendship. Teachers and students are really kind. Every time, they tried to find a way to made good relation with the foreign students. So we; foreign students and them; Teachers and students from our department had that same passion to run that connected us. That makes me happy. That makes me courage.

Our department members as well as my second family

As I said, I do believe in second family. A family that loves. A family that cares. A family that not relate to you. That all comes from the friendship. Friendship is certainly not about who you’ve known the longest. It’s not about how many hours or years you’ve spent together. Especially when you are studying abroad and you are miles away from your family, the friends you have become your second family, the family that you choose. They are the ones you share everything with, celebrate special days with, laugh and cry with, get sick and get well with.

A place where family stays safe and together is called home. As a foreign student, feel safe and relax is the important matter for their studying program. Here in japan, friends are my second family. In this department, all faculty members are second family for me because we made a bond, we made great friendships, we laugh together, we celebrate special days together that creates the family spirit. As a result, we all became like a family then our department became a home where I can feel safe.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter--- My Four Seasons Here (Zhao Qian, 2019.10.24)

The sky is blue, pitch blue. The blue sky brings me the new life here, in this department. I receive a warm welcome and get to know all of the kind and excellent mentors and colleagues. Exactly like in spring, the weather becomes warm, trees turn green, flowers show their buds, I open the first page of my study life here, packed with loads of hope.

The bright sun takes over the absolute authority of the sky, loudly declaring it is summer. After a heavy rain that scours Tokyo for a whole night, fresh earth gives off its refreshing fragrance. But mixing with this aroma from nature, I smell my sweat odour, because I have spent a few months thinking of the theme for PHD research. Although it is tough, I see blossoms on the road, in the tree, here and there, with their colours reflecting in my eyes, sparkling in my heart.

Prosthodontic conference in Sapporo (international students)

Leaves take off green and put on their golden coat. Autumn decorates the campus with a massive scarlet carpet. This is the season I enjoy the best, not only attribute to the comfortable temperature and amazing views, but also because I make progresses in study and engage in conferences and activities. It is gorgeous but short, however, worth expecting.

When chill pierces my skin, deeper and deeper, all the way into my bone, I realize it is winter. Tokyo is bleached out of the red colour of autumn, petals perish. Snow is rare here, but this winter, I see it. I hate winter, it is tremendously freezing, I doubt if I could survive it, I confront the greatest dilemma in study. While I feel wavered and confused, a snowflake dances in the air, into my hand, and then melts. I raise my head and notice even on the coldest days of winter, the sky is blue, the sun is shining. My mentors, seniors and colleagues are those who support me to push through all the pains to become the best person that I can be.

Life is a journey, full of good things and obstacles. I believe eventually, I will pick the sweetest fruit, from the tree that stands at the destination.