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Message from the President

 This year will be the first academic year of my second term as president of TMDU. I am eager to strengthen and promote the accomplishments of the first term and, through a newly reorganized system intended to achieve our medium-term targets for the third term, aim to achieve a world-class ranking for TMDU. Specifically, I have launched four strategic initiatives. The first involves reorganizing the graduate schools to promote research in integrated preemptive medical and dental health care science based on new concepts and the training of internationally minded medical professionals capable of making a mark both in Japan and overseas. We will establish new research fields such as bioinformatics to enable integrated handling of various types of medical information. In these research fields we plan to promote personnel training and research on the use of technological advances such as IoT, AI and robotics in medical and dental science.

 The second strategic initiative will aim to further extend the track record of the innovations we have been pursuing in medicine, dentistry and the liberal arts, as well as our work overseas, in order to publicize and inculcate the TMDU approach to education. To this aim we will reorganize the graduate schools, establishing new research fields to form world-class teaching and research facilities engaged in integrated preemptive medical and dental health care science, and we will enhance our international contribution through three bases overseas. In addition to the courses already offered at Universidad de Chile and Chulalongkorn University, we plan to move forward our detailed study aimed at the creation of a joint degree program with the University of Ghana and Mahidol University.

 The third strategic initiative involves further reinforcing the organic links among preemptive medicine, dentistry and engineering, which are already strengths of TMDU. We have established the Institute of Research to accomplish this. It aims to generate ground-breaking innovation by eliminating barriers between different areas of research at TMDU and providing strategic support for fields where our strengths lie.

 The fourth strategic initiative is the active utilization of the Institute of Information Technology, which was established this academic year. It is tasked with accumulating and analyzing data gathered together from inside and outside TMDU, including from overseas, as well as managing and putting to practical use the results in order to promote TMDU’s investor relations (IR) activities. I hope to move forward with reforms, such as utilizing TMDU IR data in faculty evaluation and remuneration in order to create a personnel and remuneration system in line with international norms, creating an environment conducive to the employment of foreign nationals as faculty and further internationalizing teaching and research at TMDU. In addition, we have established the Institute of Integrated Hospital Administration to further increase collaboration between the Medical Hospital and Dental Hospital, and to raise the level and efficiency of hospital administration. My hope is that we can not only strengthen hospital management, but also ensure that the operation of the hospitals reflects the viewpoint of TMDU as a whole, improve the quality of education in medical and dental treatment and clinical studies, and strengthen TMDU’s financial base.

 Through these initiatives we will construct a new governing system based on a Strategic Planning Council operating under the President and Board of Executive Directors. It will plan strategies for the administration of TMDU going forward. Plans also call for the establishment of a new personnel committee that will select new faculty members based on the viewpoint of TMDU as a whole.

 We are also considering reforms to our entrance examination system, including collaborating with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies on the development of examination questions integrating the humanities and sciences, and reciprocal dispatch of interviewers between our two universities. To formulate a long-term vision for TMDU, the President’s think tank has started looking into the teaching, research, clinical and international aspects of medicine and dentistry, and administrative think tanks such as the President’s Strategic Planning Section have also begun their investigations. On behalf of TMDU, I look forward to your understanding and support for our efforts.