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Basic Oral Health Engineering

The department of Basic Oral Health Engineering aims to create a scientific foundation for the clinical applications based on interdisciplinary research between engineering and biology and/or interface studies between basic and clinical sciences. We believe that these research activities, which are focused on the region of the oral cavity, can contribute to attaining healthy and happy living conditions. We have the responsibility to train our students to be medical personnel who are eager to contribute to people's happiness through a broad range of educational courses from basic level courses to professional level courses, which integrate areas of study such as the structure and function of the human body, stomatognathic region, pharmacology and the research process.


Professor : Kazuhiro AOKI
Associate Professor : Meiko OKI
Assistant Professor : Shingo KAMIJO
Staff : Masud KHAN
Graduate student
Master Course (2nd year): Satowa NAKAMURA
Master Course (2nd year): Yuna HIROHASHI
Master Course (1st year): Yuri SHIMIZU
Master Course (1st year): Sou-yu SHE
Post-Doctor : Fatma RASHED

Research Subjects

1) The development of surface coating materials for the prevention of plaque growth
2) Research related to the connection between oral bacteria and systemic health
3) The development of non-invasive methods of bone mass augmentation
4) The fabrication of facial prostheses using a three-dimensional rapid manufacturing method
5) Clinical studies of treatments for patients with maxillofacial defects
6) The development of materials for facial prostheses
7) The relationship between "medical care to support life" and the dental technician
8) The education of dental technicians using computer simulation training

Injected mix of bone-augmenting agents causes new bone growth in mouse jaws (Press Release)

The research on Injected mix of bone-augmenting agents causes new bone growth in mouse jaws was introduced in the TMDU press releases.

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