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2015 school year

2016.03.25 The network services in Library will be temporally suspended.
2016.03.07 All of the network services in Library will be temporally suspended.
2016.03.03 Donated Book List was updated.
2016.02.17 Automated Storage and Retrieval System will be stopped
2016.02.05 To those who will graduate or leave TMDU in this March
2016.01.26 Some journals are unavailable due to bind books.
2015.12.28 Closure of Library in New Year's holiday
2015.12.03 Inspections of fire protection facilities
2015.12.02 Closure of Library in New Year's holiday
2015.12.01 Donated Book List was updated.
2015.11.12 Temporary Closure of Library, 14th Nov.
2015.11.04 We have started to provide e-books "Standard textbooks of internal medicine".
2015.10.22 Recycled Books Application Period: Thu., Oct 22 to Fri., Nov 13
2015.10.20 EndNote Desktop (in English/beginner's level), Oct.29 17:00-18:00
2015.10.14 Temporary Closure of Library, 31st Oct. & 14th Nov.
2015.10.14 Stop of the Networking Services, 25th Oct.
2015.10.08 [Seminar] Ovid MEDLINE, Oct.20 (in Japanese)
2015.10.07 [Seminar] The first PubMed, Oct.19, Oct.27, Oct.28 (in Japanese)
2015.10.07 [Seminar] The first Ichushi , Oct.19, Oct. 27 10:00-16:10(in Japanese)
2015.10.01 Donated Book List was updated.
2015.09.25 [Seminar] EndNote:Desktop (in Japanese/beginner's level), 6th Oct., 16:30-17:30
2015.09.24 If you get a error message "Proxy server is not responding", click here more info.
2015.09.15 Seminar: First Step in TMDU information service 29th Sep., 16:30-17:30
2015.09.09 Inquiry for sharing in purchase of online journals (e-journals) [Japanese]
2015.09.02 Donated Book List was updated.
2015.09.15 WebClass will be temporaly stopped. 19th Sep., 07:00-07:10

- Donated Book List was updated.(2015.9.2)

- Internet library service will be stopped(2015.8.13)
Due to the library system upgrade, the internet library service will be stopped
from 10:00pm on 12 September to 12:00am on 13 September 2015.

During a library system stop, library use registration and renewal is not possible.
You cannot take Bound Journals out of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System, OPAC and MyLibrary .
The other service (OPAC、MyLibrary) will be stopped.

- Donated Book List was updated.(2015.8.4)

- Automated Storage and Retrieval System will be stopped during following
date for the testing of the system.
August 25 (Tue.) 8:30-18:00
August 26 (Wed.) 8:30-18:00

※In some cases, time is subject to change.

- Many of libraries are closed during  8/10(Mon.)-8/14(Fri.) .(2015.8.4)
Therefore, when you apply around this period material will take longer than
usual to arrive.

- WebClass server will be stopped. (2015.7.27)
Because the OS will be updated, WebClass server will be stopped as follows;
Date: 11th August, 2015 9:30-18:00 / 12th August, 2015 (occasional date)

- TMDU will have inspections of fire protection facilities as below. (2015.7.13)
2015/7/15(Wed.) 8:30 - 10:00 am
The automated storage and retrieval system will be unavailable.
2015/7/22(Wed.) 9:00 - 9:30 am
The library fire shutters may come down temporarily.
People in the library may have a care.

- New impact factor was announced.(2015.7.9)
Journal Citation Reports
Click here more info.

- Recycled PC monitors(2015.7.02)
We will give old PC monitor to TMDU faculty and staff. Click here more info [Japanese].

- Recycled Books(2015.6.30)
We will give old books and bound journals to TMDU members. Click here more info.

- Journal Citation Reports were moved on new platform.(2015.5.20)

- Databases : [Maintenance]Ichushi Web(Japana centra revuo medicina) (6/28 0:00-3:00)(2015.6.23)

- Stopping the Library Network Services (2015.5.12)
 TMDU Library will have Service Suspension as follows;
  2015/5/23(Sat.) 10:00-12:00
  Unavailable:All network service the library offering
  (Online Public Access Catalog、Automated Storage and Retrieval System Electronic Journal etc.)

- Donated Book List was updated.(2015.5.7)

- Library Seminars in April (2015.4.21)
Click here more info.

- WebClass system will be stopped temporarily for update as followers:
April 18th, 2015 AM7:00-8:00.

- Donated Book List was updated.(2015.4.3)