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International Exchange Center

The International Exchange Center has two main roles. One is to support international students as they study in Japan, for example with Japanese language education and cultural information, and the other is to support the administration in international outreach on an institutional level.

International Exchange Center

In April 2009, the TMDU International Student Center (ISC) was reorganized, given many new responsibilities, and rechristened as the "International Exchange Center", or IEC. One of the newly assumed tasks of the IEC is to facilitate and coordinate the international activities of the various divisions of the university. While each division of TMDU has been actively engaged in international exchange in the past decade, it was decided that it was now necessary to set up unified procedures and promote coordination for the most effective implementation of our international endeavors. The IEC is thus expected to set up a system which will enable the leadership of the university to readily use and refer to necessary information on international activities as part of their decision-making.

 Our international student alumni are very important to TMDU for this project, since they have a very good understanding of TMDU and now play a key role in the development of medical services in their home country. Unfortunately we lose contact with some of our alumni, so the IEC has begun to form an international alumni database. This informational infrastructure will also be conducive to helping set up or support TMDU Alumni organizations around the world.

 Encouraging promising students and young researchers to attend TMDU is another important activity of the IEC. We organized our first International Summer Program (ISP) in September 2009, and, at this writing, are just about to host the third one, ISP2011. We will continue to organize future ISPs so as to support TMDU's efforts to appeal to young people around the world. The IEC will also continue its effort to establish a comprehensive support system for international students: more detailed information before coming to Japan; counseling and guidance during the period of study in Japan; and follow-up after going back to their own country.

 We are now located in Building No.1 West 4F and as always greatly 1appreciate the support that the related divisions of the university have given us as we strive to accomplish our new mission.