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Before Leaving Japan

Before you leave Japan, you have to complete some procedures at the University, the local municipal ward office and other offices. Please take all necessary procedures, using the checklist below.

Checklist for Leaving Japan

1. At the University
・Confirm the necessary procedures you must follow at the Foreign Student Support Unit and related offices.
・Apply for an official transcript, certificate of degree, certificate of graduation, etc.
2. At the Municipal (Ward) Office
・Return your National Health Insurance card and settle your accounts. If you fail to do so, bills will be sent to you even after your departure.
3. Housing
・Inform the dormitory office or your landlord of your moving date as soon as possible.
・Pay all outstanding utility charges.
・Cancel your contract with NTT. You may request that NTT send the final bill to a friend's address.
・Clean your living quarters and dispose of any garbage in the specified area.
4. At the Post Office
・Inform the post office of your new address by filling out a Change of Address form.
5. At the Bank
・Close your savings account. *
* Students awaiting a money transfer, such as a medical fee reimbursement, should fill out a Request Form for Cancellation of Account, which is available at your bank. Before you leave, give the form to a friend, and ask him/her to cancel the account once the final reimbursement has been paid into the account.
6. At the Airport
・Return your Residence Card to an Immigration Officer.