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Return Ticket Procedures / 帰国旅費の手続きについて


Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship students who will complete their research within the scholarship period must carry out some procedures before returning to their home countries. Graduating students will be notified by the Foreign Student Support Unit (FSSU) to submit necessary documents. If you are expected to graduate in September, you should apply for the return ticket by late July; if you are expected to graduate in March, apply by late December.
If you continue to stay in Japan or decline a return ticket, please inform the Foreign Student Support Unit.

申請方法/How to apply

FSSU sends necessary documents to graduating students by email.

留学生がForm Aを作成し、学生受入係にメールにて提出
A student completes and submits Form A to FSSU by email.

学生受入係がForm Aを確認
FSSU checks the submitted documents.

Form Aより作成した書類に留学生がサインし(1枚は指導教員の印も必要)学生受入係へ
A student signs the revised documents (supervisor needs to affix his/her seal on one of them) and submit it to FSSU.

FSSU submits the application documents to the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).

JASSO places an order with a travel agency for your plane ticket.

The travel agency books your flight and informs FSSU (one month prior to your preferred date).

A student will be informed by FSSU.

A student receives the plane ticket from the travel agency.

The return ticket will not be provided under the following circumstances:

 If you do not return home by the specified date.
 If you do not apply for the return ticket by the deadline.
 If you do not return home by the end of the scholarship period.
 If you return home in the middle of the scholarship period due to personal reasons.
 If you leave Japan temporarily (vacation, visit your family, etc.)
 If you continue to stay in Japan after the scholarship period (employed in Japan, etc.).
 If you receive travel expenses from an institution other than MEXT.
 If you are a MEXT scholarship student selected through the Super Global University Category.