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Extension of Scholarship Term / 奨学金支給期間の延長

If you first enter TMDU as a non-degree, undergraduate or Master’s degree student, you could apply for a scholarship extension when advancing to an upper-level degree program. The Foreign Student Support Unit will inform students who are eligible for scholarship extension of necessary procedures when it is time to apply, usually in May or November depending on their enrollment period (April or October) at TMDU.

Besides the scholarship extension, you must also apply for and pass the entrance examination of appropriate degree program. You cannot extend the term of your MEXT scholarship if you are not admitted to the degree program that you applied for. Please check the admission page at TMDU website to find more information on entrance examinations of our graduate programs.


- Not all applicants may be accepted for extension by MEXT as MEXT is limiting the number of students who could extend the scholarship.
- You must maintain a certain level of GPA (2.50 or above based on AY2019).