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Research Collaboration Program

Ghana-Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Research Collaboration Program

Role of TMDU for development of Medical cooperation
between Japan and West-African subregion

Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, the eminent Japanese microbiologist, died of yellow fever in 1928 in Ghana. His activities are the basis of the tight collaboration between Ghana and Japan, especially in the field of medical sciences. Since the establishment in 2008, the Ghana-TMDU Research Collaboration Center has been expected to have more profound roles in expanding research exchanges between Japan and west Africa.

Soon after the Center was established, TMDU dispatched two experts, Professors Ido and Suzuki, to the Ghana–TMDU Center to implement research on HIV/AIDS, African trypanosomiasis and on malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. Research on mosquitotransmitted diseases was added to our project in 2012, including an ecological analysis of mosquitoes that transmit viral hemorrhagic diseases and several virological / epidemiological studies on viral hemorrhagic diseases such as Lassa fever and yellow fever. We are mindful that yellow fever killed Dr. Noguchi 85 y ear s ago in Ghana, and we ar e now doing research on the disease.

The recent notable episodes of endemic diseases in Ghana were reemergence of human African trypanpsomiasis and the sudden outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, although Ebola epidemic is still limited in the neighboring countries. Those are dangerous infectious diseases, and information of those diseases should be shared both in Ghana and Japan. Ghana-TMDU Collaboration Center should take a role to release reliable information to the World, and the tight collaboration scheme is the basis of the responsibility. TMDU dispatches medical students to Ghana every year to experience medical issues in Africa. Under such situation, it is expected that students are motivated and realize the importance of research on infectious diseases.

Together with the above activities, TMDU was awarded to have a program to invite foreign PhD students under the Governmental scholarship from 2014. The Center is expected to promote more intense medical exchanges between Ghana and Japan, and we believe the Ghana-TMDU Research Collaboration Center will prove to be a gate for mutual collaboration in medical sciences and human resource development between Japan and Africa.

Asian-African Research Forum 2014 in Sendai

Joint coordinating meeting of TMDU-NMIMR project to make information sharing and discussion of the progress

News (2009/08/26)