Student Counseling

Individual counseling

When everyone think that "I do not know what to do." "I want to talk a little someone" to the various problems encountered in your campus life, please use feel free to individual counseling without suffer alone. In individual counseling, you talk to the counselor about your problem to organize your own feelings and thoughts, we will find your own way correspondence and solutions together.

For example, we talk about these problems, such as the following.

  • Relationships ... things with friends, about love, in your laboratory etc.
  • Scholastic ... study does not stick to your hands, etc. that paper does not proceed
  • course ... for career after Graduation and etc.
  • economy ... that of economic problems etc.
  • mental ... health problems, etc. for stress
  • harassment ... Academic dishonesty, power harassment, sexual harassment etc.

Counselors, everyone has wanted to help for better student life.
Please feel free to contact us even when you think that "Is it OK that I want to talk about such a thing?".

How to use

  • All of the students of the university can use.
  • Parents and teachers can use us if that involved students.
  • Counselors are faculty members of Student Support Office.
  • Counseling is up to 50 minutes once.
  • It is a rule to make appointment but, if possible, even without a reservation will correspond.
  • If it is difficult to come rooms during open hours, please ask us.
  • We keep your privacy.

Anything consultation (one-stop service)

In the Consultation, please ask anything. " I want to ask this question but I do not where to go”. " Where should I go to ask about this procedure?" We inform your question about campus life. (Example: scholarship, tuition waiver, student dormitory, study abroad, leave of absence, certificate etc.) You do not need reservation. Please feel free to come.


Peer Support

Peer support system is a system that allows you listen to feel free to contact us or talking about student life such as study or career with fellow students. That you'd love to hear precisely because the same students, such as what you want to talk, please also use the little things.

Peer Support posters & supporters shift table