Activities to conserve the environment

Ecocap movement

The Ecocap movement is activity that deliver the vaccine to children of the world by collecting PET bottle caps centering on NPO Ecocap Movement. We think that our small actions who are working and studying at the Medical University are able to contribute to children of the world and creating the future of the Earth. For social contribution and improvement of volunteer consciousness and as part of efforts to environmental issues, we have implemented the ecocap movement since 2010. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Eco action plan

The eco action plan is an activity for effective use of home appliances and furniture. While there is a home appliances and furniture that are no longer needed, there may be someone who wants them. We devised this plan from this point of view, if we furnish the information and make both needs match up, it will help not only your burden of exertion and financial but also environmental protection. Please use this plan.