Shin-ichi TOKUNAGA

Office Address

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
2-8-30 Kohnodai, Ichikawa, 272-0827
TEL : 047-300-7118   FAX : 047-300-7100
Email :

Research Field

Graph theory, Discrete geometry


  1. Packing smaller graphs into a graph
    Discrete Mathematics, vol.75 (1989), 7-9 (with Jin Akiyama and Fumi Nakada)
  2. The rooted tree embedding problem into points in the plane
    Discrete & Computational Geometry, vol.11 (1994), 51-63. (with Y. Ikebe, M. Perles, A. Tamura)
  3. A cellular simplex with prescribed numbers of points in regions determined by its facets
    SUT Journal of Mathematics, vol.31(1995), 155-160.
  4. On a straight-line embedding problem of graphs
    Discrete Mathematics , vol.150 (1995), 371-378
  5. Intersection number of two connected geometric graphs
    Information Processing Letters, vol.59(1996), 331-333.
  6. A cellular triangle containing a specified point
    Graphs and Combinatorics, vol.15(1999), 239-247.
  7. Radial Perfect Partitions of Convex Sets in the Plane
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1763 Discrete and Computational Geometry, Springer (1999), 1-13 (with J. Akiyama, A. Kaneko, M. Kano, J. Urrutia, et al.)

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